Bad Bird (Megamall)

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The first time that I tried Bad Bird was a few years ago at Hole in the Wall, Makati. It has been a hit since then and we are now trying out their Megamall branch. 
Located at the Mega Fashion Hall, Bad Bird is known for serving huge, crunchy, flavorful umami fried chicken. 
Sharing about the dishes that we tried:
Small Plates
Eggplant Agedashi. Agedashi is a Japanese way to serve tofu, basically. It is dusted with potato starch or cornstarch and then deep fried until golden brown. I am quite picky with eggplant (depends on how it was cooked if I will eat it), and I enjoyed this one. 
Scallion Pancake. I liked it but I find it quite oily. 
Tamago Cup. This was served hot. I was expecting for the Japanese-style sweet cold tamago. I couldn't distinguish the taste well because of the temperature. 
Dashi Watercress. Watercress with dried bonito flakes. 
Mashed Sweet Potato. I love the texture and taste of this. Soft and sweet. 
Kimchi. Not a fan of kimchi so I couldn't judge this. Sorry, guys. 
Fried Chicken Plates
Bad Bird: Inventing Umami Fried Chicken. Influenced by Japan's extensive use of umami: miso, dashi, and katsuobushi, Bad Bird fabricated their very own seasoning from the ground up. Bad Bird is the result of painstaking experimentation and their relentless obsession to create the perfect fried chicken.
The Fried Chicken Plates allow you to choose among three spice levels for your chicken: safe, spicy, and chemical. 

Corn and Coleslaw Plate. Bad Bird signature corn and kimchi coleslaw. We tried the safe and spicy levels for our chicken. Both are good. Flavorful. So it really depends on you if you want it "safe" or spicy.
Dirty Rice Plate. Fried rice with bacon, chicken liver, tamago, bonito, and kimchi. 
Waffle Plate. Sweet potato waffles with miso butter and maple syrup. The waffles are soft. Miso butter for a change. Japanese-American Fusion. 
From The Grill
Bacon-Cut Short Rib. Tender and tastes like sweet barbecue. Good serving, good for sharing. 
Pepper Steak. Also quite sweet. Both are good even without the sauce.  
The from the grill dishes comes with two sauces, with five options to choose from: Mustard BBQ, Black Pepper, Chimichurri, Hot Steak Sauce, and Ginger. 

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