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The Manila Kings of Ramen Nagi

July 19, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 1 Comment(s)

Meet the Manila Kings of Ramen Nagi! Filipino x Japanese Fusion Ramen for a limited time only.
Ramen Nagi came up with a unique fusion of Filipino and Japanese cuisine that will surely blow your mind. These Filipino-Japanese fusion dishes are available for the month of July.
Binagoongan King. Available from July 1-10. It had three slices of pork, some eggplant, and veggies. When I first saw it, I thought of sinigang. When I tasted it, the soup had a seafood broth taste and is a bit creamy. This is my favorite pick among the three. 
Bicol Express King. Available from July 11-20. If you are in spicy, then this is an ultimate Bicol express ramen that you should try. It's creamy and you can tell that they put a generous amount of coconut milk in it, with a good spice. This, apparently is the favorite pick of my friend Richie ( when we tried the three. 
Cheesy Caldereta King. Available from July 21-31. This Caldereta Ramen is really viscous even without mixing the cheese and has an intense taste of caldereta. 

The three dishes may sound weird (I admit, I couldn't imagine how it would be when I first heard about this), but they are surprisingly good. I guess we are just used to having these meals paired up with rice, but they also go well with noodles. 

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