Kitchenails (Trinoma): The Kitchenails Experience

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Got invited at the opening of a new nail salon at Trinoma: Kitchenails. I was very excited to visit their first branch at the north since their other branch is all the way at Alabang Town Center (Hello, south peeps! You should check out their branch there). As a foodie who loves to spend time in the kitchen and someone who also loves to relax at nail spas from time to time, I love their idea of fusing these two concepts together: thus, Kitchenails. 

Located at the third floor of Trinoma, Kitchenails can be hard to find. Just simply follow the way to Mindanao Avenue Parking to get there. 

Entering Kitchenails feels like entering a restaurant. A chef will welcome you at their reception and ask for your order. Here's a copy of their menu (click to view larger image). By the way, I chose their Easy Sunday Afternoon (Best of Entree).  

What's a kitchen without food in it? Kitchenails offers a free dessert buffet for their customers as well as free drinks. Something that I have never seen in other nail spas. I love their macaroons and their melon juice. 

Kitchenails cares about their client's safety and satisfaction. That's why before having my "order" they asked a series of questions so they can serve you in the best possible way. 

It's cute that they use kitchen utensils for their nail services. And they refer to their services as "baking." 

Having my hands soaked in a baking pan. 

(Left) They use Orly products which is known to be healthy for your nails. (Right) The cuticle remover is placed in a marinade injector. Really cute. I feel like I'm back in my childhood days where we play with random kitchen utensils. 

They provide a jar where you could place your accessories for safe keeping while your hands are getting "baked." 

Had a great experience from Kitchenails. Will definitely come back! 
Thank you Team Aldous (Blog: Aldous Ate the World) for the invite.


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Domo (Tomas Morato)

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Whenever we crave for sashimi, my Shoti and I would always come to Domo. For only 499 Php, we would enjoy unlimited sashimi to satisfy our craving along with other Japanese dishes. 


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Mesa Filipino Moderne (Eastwood)

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Located at the third floor of Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City, this branch of Mesa had just opened recently. 

Last Christmas season, our food bloggers' group had our dinner at Mesa Eastwood together with one of Mesa's owners, Mr. Eric Dee, who gave us a warm welcome and was enthusiastic to allow us to try Mesa's best sellers and most recommended dishes. Thanks, Eric! 

Here are the dishes that we had: 


Mango Shake and Kamias Shake. I'm a mango shake lover and their mango shake is perfect. Tastes just right, fresh, not under or overripe, not too sweet nor bland. As for the kamias shake, I am not fond of eating kamias but their kamias is worth a try. Tastes sour as expected, but is actually good. It's also worth having because you seldom get to see kamias on the menu even on other Filipino restaurants. 


Tinapa Roll. Surprisingly, their tinapa roll did not taste salty as how I perceived a tinapa dish to be. Generous in filling with a crunchy wrap. Works well with a secret sauce recipe called sauce number 5. 

Hito Flakes on Spoon. Crispy pulled catfish with mango salad. The flakes and sour taste of the mango with some spice give a good contrast of flavors. The catfish and green mango works well as a Filipino appetizer.


Tofu Salad. Soft bean curd topped with century egg and shrimp. Their tofu is very soft, like Japanese tofu. I love how they came up with the idea of combining tofu, shrimp, and century egg. It was really good that I managed to eat much of this. 


Filipinos love lechon especially when the skin is crispy. Mesa's crispchon is definitely something that they can be very proud of. The piglet is six weeks old and is massaged and marinated in milk before cooked. 

Crispchon is served in two ways: served with pandan crepes, wansoy, cucumber, leeks garnishes, and a choice of three sauces (Rikki's Choice, Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chili, Spicy Pork Liver, Wansoy Infused, Curry Mustard); and tossed in chili garlic.

Crispchon (First Way). The crispy skin is sliced off then rolled into the pandan crepe with wansoy, cucumber, leeks garnishes. Top it off with your sauce of choice. My personal favorite is the spicy pork liver.

Crispchon (Second Way). The remaining meat is then cooked in garlic. One plate is cooked in plain garlic while the other, with chili. Tastes really good and addicting for a Filipino, but I would not recommend this to those with high blood pressure. 


Sigarilyas. Winged beans tossed in coconut milk with shrimp. The sigarilyas tastes fresh, not much shrimp were added. Tastes good.

Laing 2 Ways. Taro leaves, pork, shrimp paste and coconut cream topped with adobo flakes, served original and crispy. The adobo flakes are a good complement to the laing. Most laings that I have tried from other restos are quite salty so I don't get to eat much, but this one isn't. It's delicious. 


Duck Basil Fried Rice. Stir fried rice with duck flakes, chili, and basil. This dish was inspired by Eric's favorite dish at the King of Thai in San Francisco. Tastes a bit spicy but good.

Baby Squid

Baby Squid in Olive Oil. Sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with garlic and laurel. This is my friend's favorite dish whenever we would dine at Mesa. The baby squid are soft but I find this one salty, though. Nothing to worry about the amount of oil because it's olive.


Garlic Chicken. Chicken tossed in honey and garlic glazed. Honey garlic chicken is one of my favorite Chinese dishes that I often cook at home. I was really happy when I found out that they have it here at Mesa. Their garlic chicken's recipe is an original by the owner's grandmother. Really delicious. The crispy breading, with the taste of garlics and that sweet honey is indulging. 

Crispy Boneless Tilapia. Served with four sauces, the crispy boneless tilapia is something you could continue to munch on. Tasty and crispy as crackers, you'll be surprised on how good this one is.

River Shrimp (Swahe) on the Rocks. I was amazed on how this was perfectly cooked. Check out my instagram video below:


Chicken Binakol. Chicken simmered in broth with young coconut and green papaya. Tastes good and the chicken is also well cooked. 

This is how our table looked like and we really had a good and hearty meal that night. 

Mandatory groupie. Thank you Aldous (Blog: Aldous Ate the World) for the invite. Special thanks to Eric as well, for your time, effort in explaining the dishes to us, and the wonderful dinner. 

Mesa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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