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Ramen Cool (Kapitolyo)

4:00:00 AM Phantasm Darkstar 1 Comment(s)

I always pass by Ramen Cool whenever I am in Kapitolyo since it is located at an intersection close to where I work, but I never tried it before. After a random weekday morning workout at Ace Water Spa, I decided to look for a restaurant which was just walking-distance away from Ace and I ended up trying out Ramen Cool. 


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Papa John's Pizza (SM Megamall)

5:09:00 AM Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Had a meeting with EMT batchmates and decided to have late lunch at SM Megamall. We were looking for a restaurant with a good deal for a group meal and came to stumble upon Papa John's Big Time Holiday Feast promo. We decided to give it a try since when it comes to pizza, Papa John's is one of the places I love to dine. 


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