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Le Petit Souffle

July 22, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 1 Comment(s)

My foodie friends and I had a food crawl at The Mega Fashion Hall and decided to have our dessert here at Le Petit Souffle. Sharing about the dessert that we tried. 

Located on the second floor of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Le Petit Souffle gives a chic feel upon entering. They serve a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. That's something I haven't expected. 
Here are the desserts that we tried:
Soufflé Glace
Pistachio and Dark Cherry. I like the texture of this one. It's an ice cream souffle. You can taste the pistachio and the sweetness is just right, not too sweet nor subtle for me. The dark cherry is at the bottom which has a strong sweet taste that gives a contrast to the pistachio. 
Salted Egg and Caramel Parfait. Vanilla softee/Vanilla Ice cream, vanilla dust, salted egg custard, Walnut dacquoise. I'm not sure about the description of the parfaits if they are accurate on what was served, but they are good. This salted egg and caramel is my favorite pick. I thought it was going to come awkward because of the salted egg coming as a dessert but this is very good. The texture of the salted egg goes well with the caramel taste, it's indulging. There is also a wafer at the bottom which gives a good balance of textures and mix of flavors. 
Strawberry and Lychee Parfait. Matcha and Vanilla softee/Vanilla ice cream, matcha dust, lychee and matcha jelly, fresh strawberries, berry sauce and mochi. I have to apologize about my picture since I could not control the ice cream from melting. I like the vanilla ice cream and the fruits that come with it. 
Matcha Parfait. Matcha custard softee/Matcha ice cream, matcha and coffee jelly, KitKat, charcoal and matcha mochi. I can't judge this because I'm not into matcha like what I always mention in my blogs. For matcha lovers, though, that's a whole bunch of different matcha in one glass. 
Plated Dessert
Valrhona Gram Crus. Celebrating the indulgent textures, layers, and flavors of the best chocolate in the world. (Guanaja 70%, Manjari 72%, Araguani 64%, Dulcey 32%, Caramelia 36%). There is so much sophistication in this plated dessert. Not to mention indulging. Perfect. Or should I say in French, parfait? 
Soufflé Pancake
Mango, Almonds, and Cream. Vanilla soufflé pancake topped with fresh mangoes from Guimaras, vanilla mousseline, served with crème Anglaise and maple syrup. This is a heavy dessert because of the pancake, I think I can also have this for my breakfast. I love how generous they are with the mangoes. I also like it even without the crème and syrup. 

Le Petit Souffle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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