Why Kids Should Be Protected from Toxic Stress

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This is from one of my journals in my psychology class. If you have a child at home, I hope you would take some time to read this. This would be helpful especially for parents of infants. Part of our society’s norms is to allow the child to cry for a few minutes before attending to him because we tend to believe that this will make his lungs stronger when he grows up. Our society also believes that this will prevent the child to be “spoiled” as he grows older. This is a wrong notion and must be corrected.


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Biomedical Ethics: Induced Abortion

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12 Monkeys,

12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub

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Last week, my friend invited me at 12 Monkeys for her birthday celebration. 12 Monkeys is one of the latest hangout places for OPM bands in the Metro. That night, the bands Giniling Festival, Pulso, and Up Dharma Down were to play on stage. We arrived there at 8:30pm with a table reservation and was charged 300 Php per head for our entrance. I learned that the place gives all that they have collected from the door charges to the bands.


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contact lens,

GWYSHOP: A Bad Experience (Online Store Review)

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I was looking for an online store where I could buy a 15mm diameter Crystal lens which had the Amethyst Gray design because I have been used to this for the past two years. I used to buy at another online store, but for this year, they no longer sell the lenses that I wanted. I only buy new lenses once a year since that is for how long you could use them safely. I also needed new lenses badly since I have an event on the 22nd of January.


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