Unlimited K-BBQ at Gogii Yolii

This K-BBQ restaurant, Gogii Yolii, has been trending lately on social media, and my foodie friends were recently invited to try them out. We were able to try the different selections that they offer, and I'll discuss them in this blog post.
They are located in South Triangle, Quezon City, but they will open a new branch soon in Las PiƱas. The interiors are Scandinavian, which is comprised of light wood elements, and I like it a lot—it gives a very clean and cozy vibe.
They offer unlimited meats (beef, pork, and chicken) and banchan (kimchi, gamja jorim, dan muji, eomuk bokkeum, goguma mattang, pa muchim, oi muchim, jap chae, tteokbokki, and dubu jorim). Check out the packages below:
The Regular Package includes kimbap, egg souffle, doenjang jjigae, spicy chicken wings, salmon crunchy roll, GY ice cream, homemade iced tea, lettuce, and rice/kimchi rice, along with the unlimited meat and banchan for Php 599.
The Premium Package includes the choices from the regular package, plus fresh seafood, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, tempura basket, and buttered scallops for Php 749.
The GY Supreme offers unlimited ramyeon and unlimited K-BBQ for Php 899. The ramyeon is made with kimchi base soup, three kinds of mushrooms, fish cake on sticks, and assorted shabu-shabu balls. There is also an option to add cheese slices to the ramyeon as an add-on.
I forgot to mention that the K-BBQ also comes with a cheese dip.
The GY ice cream is served for dessert and has coffee jelly and nori strips.
The Soju are served a la carte. We tried their Blue Hour Dophin and All of Us Are Dead Dolphin, which are fun to have with friends.

Gogii Yolii
Address: Ushio Plaza 1, Timog Ave, cor Sct. Torillo St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Phone: +63 977 006 6469
Hours: 10am to 12am daily
Facebook: Gogii Yolii
Instagram: @gogiiyolii
Tiktok: gogiiyolii

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