Meet Fresh Opens Its First Branch in the Philippines

Meet Fresh, a known Taiwanese restaurant chain that specializes in fresh, natural, and healthful Taiwanese desserts including soft taro balls and herbed jelly has opened its first branch in the Philippines. I was invited during their media launch to try out some of their dishes before their grand opening.

Lorenzo's Cafe (Ormoc)

Right after we had dinner at Sutuwaki, we decided to have some coffee and dessert at Lorenzo's Cafe. It's simply beside Sutuwaki

Sutuwaki (Ormoc)

Recently, I visited Ormoc for my medical-related work and our client brought us to Sutuwaki for early dinner. I was told that this was one of the known restaurants here. 

Cafe Xocolat

Cafe Xocolat has been my go-to cafe whenever I would visit Mysterium Philippines in Katipunan. This was also Robin's chill spot a few years back in their old location. Cafe Xocolat is now located on the Ground Floor of SMRC Building, Katipunan Avenue corner B. Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. The interiors give a cozy, rustic vibe, that's perfect when you simply want to read a book while drinking coffee, or having a chill catching up with friends.