Buy a Mask and Help a Front Liner (NAYITEK)

In this photo, I’m wearing a NAYITEK nano-fiber medical mask. It’s a washable/reusable mask (good for 60-90 days) with 99% virus filtration rate.** With a quadruple protection filter, it has a high filtering efficiency, suitable for environments with heavy air pollution and virus ravages. Each layer of the filter element intercepts different harmful substances, a layer of skin-friendly membrane, hypoallergenic; 3D breathing space structure, double-layer micro-filtration layer, the best mask against COVID-19. Better than N95.*

Fireside: New Items on the Menu and Unlimited Wine from 7 Different Countries

Fireside is offering new items on the menu, and we were just recently invited to try them out. 

Experience Sound Healing at Mysterium Philippines

Have you been feeling a bit off lately? Moody? Stressed? Mercury is in retrograde again and we may all feel worse during these days (you may feel more frustrated, anxious, or impatient, etc.). Recently, I tried a new way to unwind and it's called sound healing. 
Sound healing is a practice that uses vibrations to relax your mind and body. It has been used for centuries already and is believed to relieve ailments, stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Personally, I find sound healing to be effective for me whenever I am experiencing insomnia. I have a Spotify playlist for sound healing (check out my sound healing Spotify playlist) that helps me fall asleep; but recently, I decided to try and attend a live sound healing session. I must say, the experience was totally different and way better than simply listening to recorded music. 

Texas Roadhouse

Robin and I had our late lunch here at Texas Roadhouse one weekend when we attended an event at SMX.