Celebrate World Paella Day at Restaurant Tapenade (Discovery Primea)

Discovery Primea celebrates World Paella Day in honor of the iconic rice-based dish, a delicious representation of Spanish culture and cuisine.
September 2018 – Known for its extensive menu of flavorful Mediterranean fare, Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea celebrates Spanish culture and traditions with a 4-day feast beginning on September 20, showcasing the noteworthy flavors of this iconic specialty dish.

Cocina Peruvia

It's my first time to try out Cocina Peruvia at the new Podium Mall during a foodie meetup and I was really impressed by their Peruvian dishes. 

Shi Lin

Shi Lin has always been my go-to place whenever I'm at The Podium and craving for dim sum. Recently, I have been invited for a looloo rendezvoos at their branch in the new Podium mall. Even before, it was #AlwaysDelicious. 

A Hotpot of Culture: Six US Foodie Hubs at Festival Mall

Ever recall that table full of glistening, golden breakfast goodies in one of those American shows you watched on TV or online? Pancakes stacked a mile high or steaming eggs and bacon smiling up from a plate? Or maybe you’ve come by an episode where the protagonist is gorging down on an authentic slow-cooked beef burrito, or a crunchy taco shell where juicy pork, onions, tomatoes and jalapenos are tumbling free.