Siam Thai BBQ is now a Thai SELECT Awardee

Siam Thai BBQ isn't new to me anymore because my friends and co-workers often dine here and have some beer. I'm glad they are now awarded with the Thai SELECT. This Thai restaurant is unique because it is a sports bar specializing in mookata. (Check out my blog post: Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar)

Mango Tree Manila Remains a Consistent Awardee of Thai SELECT.

Mango Tree Manila is one of my favorite Thai Restaurants, and I'm glad they are a consistent awardee of Thai SELECT.

Delicious Thai Food at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant

It's that time of the year again on the foodie calendar where we visit Thai SELECT restaurants and try their food.

Brunch at Figaro Coffee

Recently, I was invited to visit Figaro. It's been a while since I last ate there, so I was excited to try them again.