LuzViMinda at F1 Hotel Manila

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 In line with the Philippine Independence, F1 All Day Dining had their LuzViMinda-themed celebration. Sharing about the experience and their upcoming hotel promos (August-September 2017) here. (In the photo: Grilled Bagaybay a.k.a. Tuna Sperm on Oyster).

Landing its fifth year of sumptuous buffet spread of Filipino wonders, LuzViMinda now offers a dynamic fusion of traditional recipes, being modernized and recreated, to serve cutting-edge Filipino cuisine.
Featuring well-known Filipino chefs who teamed up to represent different Filipino delicacies from different parts of the Archipelago are Chef Mikel Zaguirre (Luzon), Chef Dennis Uy (Visayas), and Chef Kalel Chan (Mindanao). These awesome Chefs were led by F1 Hotel's Executive Chef, Chef Decker Diokno and what they came up with are just amazing. (See: F All Day Dining)

There were a lot (I really mean, a lot) of great dishes at the buffet, but I'm sharing my fave picks here:
Crispy Pata Roulade. 
Balaw-Balaw. Nilatik na hipon. It looks like bagoong at first, but once you taste it, it's quite sweet and is really good. 
Adobong Short Ribs sa Gata.
Chicken Inasal.
Humba Cebuano. 
KBL. Kadyos (pigeon pea), baboy, at langka.
Lechon de Cebu.
Ginataang Curacha sa Aligue.
Ribeye Rendang. Spicy as how you would expect rendang to be, yet tender and flavorful.
Bulalo Tiyula Itum. DIY bulalo. Look at that bone marrow. 
Phyllo-Wrapped Salmon with Itlog na Maalat and Lato Tempura. 
Lumpia Kapampangan Sisig.
Baked Talaba Dynamites. 
Inihaw na Mais.
Fried Ngohiong, Chorizo Bisaya, Fried Lumpiang Tahong. 
Sweet Potato Ukoy.
Chorizo Jap Chae Pastil.  
Filipino Tempura. What I love about Filipino tempura are the crispy kangkong and calamares.
Grilled Ensaymada, Buko Pie, Fried Palitaw with Sesame Seeds. 
Spanish Bread Pudding with Caramelized Peanuts and Calamansi. 
Puto Bola-Bola na may Tablea and Mango Gelee.
Kamote Fries.
Durian Panna Cotta.
Mangosteen Avocado Cake.
Ube Otap Napolones.
Purple Maja Blanca and Cheese.
Brazo Langka. This is my fave pick among the desserts. 
Papaitum Cheesecake.
Halo-Halo Crumble.
Devilled Tukneneng.
Embutido Toast.
Bihod Pate with Bottarga.
Grilled Bagaybay on Oyster. Milt. Bagaybay is a luxury dish and by far my favorite. 
Ensaladang Penoy.
What I love about the dishes that they came up with in LuzViMinda is the creativity. It's already given that these Chefs are good and the food tastes good. I love it how on the Fifth year of LuzViMinda, they still manage to show uniqueness in the dishes that they serve, without totally deviating from the local delicacies. 


Rainy Day Package (June 1 to September 30, 2017)
Cuddle up and keep yourself comfy with this season. Avail an overnight stay in a City Suite for a special rate of Php 6388 nett per night. (See: F1 Hotel Manila)

Package Inclusions:
- Overnight room accommodation in a City Suite
- Buffet breakfast for two (2) persons
- Complimentary in-room massage for two (2)
- Use of swimming pool
- Use of gym facilities
- Unlimited broadband/Wi-Fi internet access in room

Terms and Conditions:
- All rates are inclusive of 10% service charge and applicable government taxes
- Prior reservations are required
- Promo may not be combined with other hotel promos, discounts, and or privileges. 

American Feast (July to August 2017)
Lunch or Dinner Buffet every Friday and Saturday. What a great time for a rich and festive dining experience this July to August. Visit F All-Day Dining and enjoy a bountiful American feast all at once. 

Sausage Fest (June to August 2017)
Smoky. Meaty. Crusty. Sausages available at the Canary Lounge served a la carte.

2+1 Beer Plunge
Available daily from 6:00 am to 12:00 mn at the Canary Lounge
Everyday calls for a celebration! Get your third bottle for free every three beer bottles purchased for longer-get-together and merrymaking, applicable for all local beers.

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