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High Grounds Cafe is my favorite go-to place whenever I want to play online games while with my friends. (TNC) partnered with Acer Predator to have the country's first-ever Esports arena, High Grounds Cafe. High Grounds Cafe is located on 67 Scout Rallos Street, Diliman Quezon City. The cafe is open for 24 hours (though, there are times that I experienced that they only accept food orders until 3am). It's quite obvious that I play here until dawn. Lol. 
I love the interiors and ambiance of the place. It is well-lit, with high ceilings and even the gaming area provide comfortable couches. 
High Grounds features over 100 units of Acer Predator G1 (Intel Core i7 6700 processor clocked up to 4 GHz w/ Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics, 32 GB DDR4 2133 MHz RAM, and 256 GB SSD drive + 3 TB HDD) and Acer Predator G3 (Intel Core i7 6700 processor paired with Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 128 GB SSD + 2 TB HDD) gaming desktops to give you the best gaming experience a cafe can offer in the Philippines. With an internet speed of up to 500 Mbps, you'd get to enjoy their cool gaming PCs for only 80 pesos per hour. 
What I also like about High Grounds is that you don't need to consume everything you paid for in one sitting. Your High Grounds account is reloadable and they deduct credits by the minute. Unconsumed credits remain in your account and you can use it next time you come back to High Grounds. You are also allowed to order food and dine in the gaming area as you play your favorite PC game, or simply go internet surfing. Don't want to rent a PC? They provide free 2 hours of wifi with a minimum purchase of 250 pesos from the cafe. Its speed is up to 200 Mpbs. 
Here are some of the dishes that I have tried at High Grounds:
Chocolate Frappe. Whenever I'm playing, their frappes are my top choice on the menu and my best source of glucose. Because when I'm too focused on the game, I don't have time to grab a plate and dine. I already had a lot of experiences when I forget about the food that I ordered.  
Mocha Frappe and Red Velvet Crinkles. For a good balance of caffeine and chocolate, I would recommend the mocha frappe. The red velvet crinkles, however, is a staple for us whenever we are at High Grounds. It's so good and not to mention that it's one of the cheapest on the menu. Hehe.
Potato Chips. A good side when you want to focus on your gaming. The potato's sodium content will help you focus and think better. Just make sure to drink water so you won't get dehydrated. 
Parmesan Fries. Crispy French fries tossed with bacon bits and Parmesan cheese, with a hint of truffle. Did they say a hint of truffle? You know when this dish is coming because you can smell the truffle from meters away. Smells so good!
Fish and Chips. Beer-battered deep-fried cobbler fish served with fries and tartar sauce. I was surprised that the fish was huge and sating. A good "finger food" that would actually make you full. 
Oven Roasted Bagnet. Oven-roasted and deep-fried pork belly. Crispy on the outside and tender inside. Good on its own but I also like the sauces on the side.
Java Rice. White rice, bell pepper, annatto oil, butter. Best paired with their entrees and very sating. 
I really enjoy playing and dining at High Grounds Cafe. Some of the other dishes that I tried and would recommend, but I wasn't able to take photos are: grilled chicken bbq, cream of pumpkin, and their teas. 
For full disclosure, let's talk about some of the things I don't enjoy at High Grounds: other players can be very noisy when playing, and they can be vulgar a lot of times. I hope the management tries to control this because it disturbs the other customers in the area. Since this is a high-end gaming cafe, you would also encounter a lot of foreigners (e.g. Chinese and Koreans) who can be rude towards you. I had an experience with a Chinese gamer who told me to leave my seat because he wanted it. Bitch, please, NO. That turned on my "maldita" mode I swear. So entitled, smh. The service charge is also quite huge, so make sure you compute your orders if you are on a budget. Wifi is also limited to 2 hours even if your bill reaches a thousand. 
In spite of the cons, would I go back? I always do. *wink* ;) 

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