Star Cruises: Dining with SuperStar Virgo

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We recently traveled the high seas with Star Cruises. When you go on a cruise, one of best things to enjoy is the food. Sharing with you, guys, about our dining experience at Star Cruises in this post.

Among the ships of Star Cruises, we sailed with SuperStar Virgo. Guests can have free meals for up to four times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper) in their inclusive restaurants (Star Dining, The Lido, The Pavillion). See blog post: Star Cruises: SuperStar Virgo. 

Sharing about our SuperStar Virgo Cruise dining experience in some of their restaurants:
Taverna. The poolside theme snacks bar. This was during our first day at the cruise--they had a buffet set up at Taverna which offered a variety of meats, seafood, and dessert. 
The Lido. International buffet. Probably our favorite restaurant inside SuperStar Virgo. Among the three inclusive restaurants, this is the buffet which means you can eat all you can. It's open until 1am and as early as 6am. We had our breakfasts here and supper. This group picture was taken while having our midnight snack. We were literally dining all-day. Lol.
Pavilion. With crisp white linen, silver service and a refined ambiance Pavilion restaurant is where you can enjoy elegant Chinese cuisine. Here, they offer set menus for your complimentary dining, then an extra charge for additional/ala carte orders. 
We had this lunch menu when we dined at Pavilion: Appetizer--Marinated Jelly Fish with Shredded Roasted Duck in Broad Bean Paste; Soup--Double Boiled Pork Ribs Soup with Fun Kok and Small Red Bean; Main Course--Deep Fried Chicken Cube with Preserved Red Bean Curd Sauce, Braised Angeled Luffa with Dried Sole Fish and King Mushroom, Stir-Fried Egg with Bitter Gourd and Bacon, Braised Pork Blood with Green Chive in Spicy Peanut Sauce; Dessert--Sweetened Barley with Gingko Nut and Bean Curd Stick. I also had the chocolate milkshake for my drink.
Afternoon Barbecue Party with the Star Cruises Culinary Team. The Star Cruises culinary team is well recognized with numerous awards, including accolades at Food and Hotel Asia Culinary Challenge 2016 and Battle of the Chefs 2016 competition. As part of their ongoing dedication to culinary excellence, the culinary team continues to hone their skills for the creation of authentic and innovative cuisines from across the region and globally, constantly reaffirming Star Cruises’ position as the leading culinary destination at sea. 
I was so glad that there were a lot of Asian dishes that I love (e.g. sushi, tom yum, Thai noodles, Filipino liempo)when they had this. Aside from having Lido as the group's top pick among the restaurants, I personally love the afternoon poolside buffet.
Star Dining Room. Star Dining Room serves classic Western dishes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with a Private Room option for special occasions. If you want to experience fine dining course meals, then head to Star Dining. 
I had a glass of red wine along with the following dishes: Appetizer--Beet Root and Egg Salad with Balsamic Dressing and Boiled New Potato; Soup--Minestrone Classic Italian Vegetable Soup with Pasta; Main Course--Chicken Supreme with Truffle Sausage, Potato Puree, Roasted Vegetables and Tarragon Jus; Dessert--Blueberry Panna Cotta Vanilla Cream and Crisp Tulip
Here are other restaurants to try out at SuperStar Virgo:
Blue Lagoon. 24-Hour Dining outlet which serves Chinese and Western meals and snacks.
Silk Road.  For something a little more formal head over to our premier Chinese restaurant, which serves classic dishes from China’s major regions.
Samurai Restaurant.  The Samurai serves fresh sushi and sashimi and delicious teppanyaki.
Palazzo. This elegant space, decorated with gilt mirrors and velvet covered chairs, serves fine Italian and other Western cuisines, with matching premium wines.
The Taj. Spice up your day with some authentic Indian cuisine. Choose from a wide range of vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes, plus freshly-made bread and side dishes.
Cafe Gelato. CafĂ© Gelato offers wide selections of Ice Cream Flavors by Movenpick.
Celebrity. This sophisticated club bar is just the place to relax with friends over a well-mixed cocktail. Or why not pick up the microphone for a spot of karaoke?
Coffee Nook. Coffee Nook is a retail shopping & bar, featuring in “Bazaar Style”.
For the amenities, check out my blog post on SuperStar Virgo here. 
Disclaimer and Full Disclosure: My cruise experience at SuperStar Virgo was sponsored by Star Cruises. 

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