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After trying out Mamma Mia in Uptown Mall, we went to Cafe Enye in Citi Plaza to try out their dishes. 

Cafe Enye is located on the Mezzanine floor of Citi Plaza, 34th Street corner Lane D, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It's a bit difficult to find since it's located inside the Citi office. You can ask the guard where Cafe Enye is--it's worth going to. Cafe Enye is Colonial Spanish-themed. Hence the Enye to represent it. The theme has been well-thought-of because the owners really did much research on the Spanish Era--from the interiors and down to the dishes on the menu. I like the ambiance of the place--very cozy and has good lighting. 

I ordered a drink which was called Cool and Tangy. Blended fresh cucumber and calamansi. It's very refreshing.

Now, onto the dishes that we had:

Chorizo Scotch Eggs (Huevos Rellenos). Sous vide egg covered with chorizo, on top of crispy potato nest, served with sofrito aioli. It's good and sating.

The Enye Callos Buns and Tapa Buns are both soft and savory, freshly-made soft buns filled with slow-cooked callos or house-cured beef tapa. They are both good.

Gambas Enye Style. Succulent shrimp cooked in garlic infused olive oil, roasted garlic, topped with garlic chips and garlic chives. The amount of garlic in this dish is generous and it just goes makes the shrimp taste even better. I had this with rice, though, from the other dishes that we ordered.


Lechon Carbonara. Classic pasta carbonara topped with homemade mojo chicharrones. Some say this might be the best carbonara in town, would you agree? I would. The lechon is just crispy and good--mix it with delicious pasta carbonara--break that egg yolk and have that indulging gooey yolk flow--it's heavenly good.

Cafe Enye Specials

Moroccan-Style Curry Paella. Moroccan-inspired paella, cooked with chicken, curry turmeric, and cinnamon. I haven't tried Moroccan-style curry before so I don't know what to expect. It's different than the Asian curry but it's also good. The chicken is also juicy and tender.

Paella Negra. Expect an "Enye-fried" paella, a blend of inasal and Cuban-Mojo marinade with a medley of Manila clams, New Zealand mussels, chicken, olives and roasted pimentóns. Paella Negra is my favorite type of Paella so my palate is quite picky when it comes to this. I must say that Cafe Enye did not disappoint.

Cochinillo a la Casa. Slow-cooked and roasted prime cut of suckling pig. Served with red wine and honey glaze, chimichurri, and homemade liver sauce. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender inside. It's so good even without the sauce--after trying this, we all just dug in and no one wants to share. It's that good, guys!


Handcrafted Garlicky Longganisa Brunch Plate. Cafe Enye's way of infusing paella with Pinoy-silog science. Handcrafted garlicky longganisa with a choice of scrambled or poached or sunny-side-up or hardboiled egg (we had ours as sunny-side-up), Enye rice topped with pickled vegetables, salsa, and crispy fried anchovies. The egg is just perfectly cooked. The longganisa, anchovies, and the toasted garlic just go well with each other--it's perfect. Add some vinegar and you'll have that longsilog satisfaction. Delectable.


Chouxros. Homemade light Pate a Choux pastry with dulce de leche and chocolate peanut butter dips. The churros are different than the conventional ones that we are used to. The dough used is like an éclair's--it's really light (not dense like other churros) and goes well with both dips. Indulging treat.

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