Tabby Town Cat Cafe

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Our Tagaytay road trip with foodie friends has led us to Tabby Town Cat Cafe in Silang. Sharing our cat cafe experience here.

Tabby Town is located on Lumil, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Tagaytay City, Silang Cavite. They are popular for their Tabby Lounge at the second floor where you can play with cats while dining. You may choose to simply dine at the ground floor without the cats, but if you do want to go to the Tabby Lounge, I advise you to bring socks. You can also buy from them, though, if you forget to do so. 
They also sell other products such as cat and dog food in Tabby Town Cat Cafe. 

Entering the Tabby Lounge, the interiors are cozy and cute. It's simple and homey with cat decorations everywhere. 
Here are some of the adorable cats in the lounge. 
Now for the dishes that we had:
Creamy Salted Egg Pasta with Shrimp. Pasta coated in salted egg yolk with cream and shrimp. I like this a lot, especially the texture because of the salted egg. I gotta thank my cat model here, by the way. He was so behaved. 
Pesto Pasta. Pasta coated in Holy Basil. This is also good. All their pasta are served with toasted bread on the side. 
Clubhouse Sandwich with French Fries. The serving for this clubhouse sandwich can be shared with a friend. 
Buffalo Wings. Buffalo wings in sweet-spicy Thai sauce.  Tabby Town also serves rice meals. Their buffalo wings go well with it--or even by itself. 
Our group also had milkshakes and the frappe overload. I had the Java Chip Frappe Overload and I liked it a lot. 

I had fun dining here at Tabby Town. Looking forward to dropping by here again when I visit Tagaytay. Recently, they have also opened their corgi club. You might want to check it out! ;)

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