Rehab Gastrobar: The Ward Room

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Had a random invite from a friend to try out the new Gastrobar in Mandaluyong: Rehab. We dropped by the place at around 10 in the evening on a Tuesday. Rehab was a bit hard to find because it wasn't located along commercial areas.

Rehab is a two-story gastrobar with VIP rooms and a special area at the second floor called the Ward Room. The Ward Room is still under Rehab but with a different menu.

When I checked on The Ward Room's menu, I was surprised that everything on the list is affordable. Also the cheapest I have encountered for a club. They offer tequila for only 20 pesos per shot! 

The ward room is just like a typical club. With cocktail tables, couches, a bar, and the DJ's booth. The room is dimmed as expected but I the space is quite small. The distance of the tables are too close to each other and the party lights were only placed and focused at one corner/side of the room. I noticed this because one of my friends started to look like a guy dropped from a UFO when the lights started to just focus on him--and man, he was glowing!

When it comes to the sound system, the speakers were only placed at the DJ's booth, making the sound in the room uneven and non-surround. The music was not as clear as it should be (sabog), but the worst part was how the DJ played it: expected beat drops turn into an intro of another song and the tunes just keep changing. For a raver, my friends and I lost our mood to dance and felt disappointed on how the tracks were played.

I would recommend this place if you are looking for cheap menus or just a place to hang/drink with friends; otherwise, you might get disappointed if you are used to the bar/clubs in Timog/Tomas Morato, Eastwood, The Fort, and the like.

Groupie! ^_^

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