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Kapitolyo food tripping with friends and the craving for ribs and steak brought us to Mad Mark's (located at 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City). They are known for their rich homemade ice cream. 

The place is small but it's a good thing that they now have an extended area which gave more room to customers. The crew are very accommodating and they will always face you with a smile. I had a lot of questions to the waitress upon ordering because I couldn't decide which one to choose from the menu. She was patient enough to answer all my queries. :)

 The Menu

The price is average and the serving is huge. They have two prices for some dishes on the menu which could be served for solo or for sharing. The taste of the food also gave justice to it.

Mad Mark's Homemade Ice Cream
Definitely rich and creamy!

Patatas Bravas
Sourcream-ish and lovin' the cheese on this.

Chicken Meltdown
Tasty and heavy on the stomach. Better for sharing.

Signature Steak, Smashed Potatoes, Tennslaw, Johnnie Double Black Sauce
Well-done steak and made just right. The sauce complements the steak well and the side dishes are enough to balance everything.

Johnnie Double Black Ribs, Grilled Corn, Bacon Potato Salad, Cream Mushroom Sauce
Delicious, high calorie, heavy dish. Time to pig-out! 

Mandatory Groupie! ^_^

Cravings satisfied. Will I recommend and go back to this place? Definitely.

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