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BAT en BOLS: An Exotic Food Trip

April 15, 2015 Phantasm Darkstar 2 Comment(s)

While having my on-the-job training for Marikina City's Rescue 161, I get to explore the different local eateries in town. The members of the team were also hospitable enough to ride along with my enthusiasm to go on food tripping and give me something to blog about.

Soup # 5

Alas, they brought me to Tita Au's Bat en Bols at Parang, Marikina and ordered me the Soup #5 (60Php without noodles, 65Php with noodles). It is served just like an ordinary beef mami, but the beef part which was served is literally the "Bat and Balls" of a cow! (Should I make this more obvious? I hope you get what I mean.) O_o

You could choose the bat and balls to be served to you in whole, but most of the time, they would cut it for you before serving. Seeing the parts, and the idea that you would actually eat such made me feel nauseated; but it wouldn't stop me from trying it out (YOLO!). 

The bat tastes like the regular beef tendons (litid)--chewy and sticky, only it looks very awkward to eat so it's better if you don't stare at it too much. The balls on the other hand, tastes like the yolk/yellow part of balot/balut (developing duck embryo). 

The soup all in all tastes quite fatty, kinda like bulalo, mami, and balut brought together in one dish, that most of my colleagues prefer to eat it with rice to balance. It looks disgusting to try but once you have tasted it, I swear it tastes good! I would recommend it to adventurous people who are eager to try out exotic food, but better watch your intake if you are hypertensive--this is definitely high in fat. ;)

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  2. I never hear about this food but it looks like a version of batchoy hahaha
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