Dreams Do Come True

May 22, 2015 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Before graduating college, it has been a tradition that the batch president will give his/her prediction for each of the graduating students. It is set a few years from the year of graduation, picturing everyone as successful people, with a short description of what they would be by then. At that time, our batch president was Ate Pat. While she was delivering her speech, I was hoping that she'd mention me as a successful surgeon; but I received an unexpected prediction. 

In the batch prediction, some of my classmates came from abroad and had a lot of catching up to do. While they were driving along EDSA, they saw a billboard with me in it. I've been successful not just in my medical career but also in my modeling. 

When I heard about it, it sounded like it was too good to be true. I have modeled for a few projects, had a few print ads but I have never seen myself in an EDSA billboard. It's a model's dream to have her own billboard, or to walk in a prestigious fashion show. And to be able to have a billboard, especially in EDSA (to have your billboard advertisement here costs a lot), is such an honor.

KB EDSA Billboard located in Guadalupe, Makati City

It has only been two years after I have graduated, but the batch prediction has come true already. At this moment, I am still in awe with everything that has happened in my career. I am very grateful for everyone that has put me to where I am today; And I must say, dreams do come true. :)

Like other models, I've been through different go-sees, castings, had a lot of rejections, missed opportunities, and such. I had a lot of frustrations, thinking that nothing has been happening in my life or in my career. You might experience this in your own career (not just modeling, but also in your own profession), but always remember, don't quit. Focus. Strive harder. Be open and always eager to learn. Compete with yourself, not with other people. It's better to get there (where you want to be) slowly rather than being in a complete standstill; and of course, pray (don't just ask for things but also, always thank Him for all the blessings).

I know that I still have a long way to go through and a lot of things to learn. Right now, I just wanted to express this overwhelming feeling that I have, and share the dream that I once had, that now came to be. It's now your turn to fulfill yours! ^_^

Disclaimer: The batch prediction was made by a committee and not solely by the batch president. Credits to my classmates for that. ^_^

Sharing other billboards we recently had:
Along C5 (Pasig - Makati)

Along Macapagal (Pasay--near MoA)

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