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10 Ronin

December 28, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Had an amazing lunch with friends from The Kain Tulog Gang (The KTG) at this Japanese-Filipino fusion restaurant. 

Located at 4357 Montojo Street, Sta. Cruz, Makati City, 10 Ronin features amazing Japanese dishes with a Filipino twist. 

Sharing about the dishes that we tried:
Spiced Crispy Onion Frizzles. Unagi BBQ. I like the crispiness of this dish. A good appetizer while waiting for the other dishes to be served. 
Ronin Adobo Flakes Maki. Tamago, pickled cucumber, mango, salted egg sauce. My first dose of Filipino twist of a Japanese dish at 10 Ronin. The adobo flakes go well with the maki. It's good.
Bagnet Japanese Curry. I like the creaminess of the curry. Would go well with rice. 
Mix Tempura Platter. A mix of prawns and vegetables. 
Yakitori Platter. Pork blood, pork ear, bacon wrapped chicken liver, beef belly wrapped leeks, chicken thigh. I love how tender are the ones on this platter. It's as good and juicy as it looks in this photo. 
Spicy Miso Tinola Ramen. Another amazing Filipino twist. I haven't thought miso and tinola would be this good. 
Bacon and Grilled Adobo Cha Siu Shoyu Ramen. Meaty goodness and the egg is just perfect. It's good as a ramen and also good with rice. I love this as well as the Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen. 
Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen. I like the sour sinigang taste of the soup and the hot and spicy feel of this ramen. Until now, I am still amazed by the Filipino twist that they did with these Japanese dishes. 
Corned Crispy Pata. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy inside. 
Ronin U.S. Beef Tapa Gyudon. Served with 65-degree egg and pickles. Another perfect egg. The gyudon is so good, this is also one of my favorite picks here at 10 Ronin. 

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