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Naimas: A Taste of Home

April 22, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

I was invited to try out the SM Light Mall Branch of Naimas in Mandaluyong with foodie friends. Sharing my Naimas experience.
Located at the ground floor of SM Light Mall, EDSA corner Madison Street, Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong City, Naimas, which means delicious in Ilokano, is known for their affordable selection of Filipino dishes.
Here are the dishes that we have tried:
Pulutan (Appetizers)
Naimas Nachos. The nachos are crunchy. Average amount of toppings. 
Crispy Garlic Isaw. Guilty pleasure and really crispy. Also love the sauce. 
Crispy Tawilis. Works well with vinegar. 
Sizzling Sisig. Good amount of serving. Tastes as common as the usual sisig pulutan. 
Sizzling Litid. Good but a guilty pleasure with all those fats. 
Mga Sabaw (Soups)
Sinigang na Bulalo. Reminds me of an Ilonggo dish known as kansi (but the kansi tends to be orange in color). If you like the sour taste of the sinigang and the beef and bone marrow of bulalo, then this is a good combination.  
Mga Paborito (Favorites)
Pigar Pigar. Pigar-pigar is my favorite dish that is popular in Pangasinan, especially in Dagupan. It's made up of beef strips and a bunch of onions and Filipino seasoning. The meat is tender and the dish is delicious but it's not as authentic as the ones that I keep on looking for whenever I would go to Dagupan. Would still be a quick fix in Manila if ever I would crave for pigar-pigar.  
Gising gising. Gising gising is a Filipino provincial delicacy (Ilokano if I'm not mistaken) made up of sigarilyas (winged beans), ground pork, and chili, cooked in gata (coconut milk). I haven't tried gising gising before so I can't talk about its authenticity, but I enjoyed the vegetable and coconut milk mixture. 
Adobong Hipon sa Aligue. This one is good, but I have to mid you guys about the cholesterol level of this one. 
Kinulob na Peking Duck. If you have tried duck confit. Basically, that's it. 
Paksiw na Mata ng Tuna. My co-foodies enjoyed this but I didn't try this one. Just not a fan of paksiw. 
Merienda (Snacks)
Pancit Canton. The pancit canton had generous ingredients in it. Well-seasoned and delicious. 
They serve different cocktails. Works well with their pulutan and a good conversation with close friends. 

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