The KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) Celebrates Easter at F1 Hotel Manila

April 26, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

The KTG (Kain Tulog Gang) celebrated Easter at F1 Hotel Manila. Sharing our bloggers night and my "initiation" for the KTG. 

 One of the amazing amenities that F1 Hotel has to offer is their spacious function halls. For our Blogger's Night, we celebrated Easter in the Gold Room. 

Of course, a celebration would not be complete without good food. Sharing the awesome dishes that Chef Decker of F1 Hotel prepared for us:
Artisanal Bread Rolls and Butter. Prawn Bisque. Soft bread that goes well with or without butter. The prawn bisque was absolutely good and is rich in flavor. 
Marinated Crab Meat Salad with Nachos. I liked how the nachos were not served with just salsa. Even the appetizer is seafood. Seems like we'll be having a lot for the night ;)
Phyllo-Crusted Salmon with Okra Frites, Soy and Sesame Sauce and Gari. These are really good. Honestly, I am more of a salmon sashimi fan than cooked ones, but this is just wow to me. Tender and flavorful. 
 Fish and Squid Churros with Tartare Sauce. Such creativity, I must say. It's really good but it must be consumed immediately. Otherwise, it gets tensile and hard to chew.
 Black and Pepper Crabs. I liked this a lot. The crab meat is really good, although I could be lazy when trying to eat such. 
 Haricot Verts with Lemon Zest. Healthy option. Fresh veggies. Perfect to balance the savory dishes that we had. 
 Mixed Fruit Cubes. Fresh. Dessert.

Orange and Cashew Nut Sans Rival Bites. Poached Pears, Citrus Jelly, Mango Mousse. Both are really good. Not too sweet. Just enough to make you take another serving. 
That's it for the dishes that we had. Moving on, Filipinos celebrate with karaoke. The function hall had a huge white screen and built-in projector where we had this huge videoke flashed on. They also have a nice sound system and wireless microphones. 
Tada!! That's me and Bettina of singing. This is part of our "initiation" for The KTG. Not to mention that this is the first time I ever sang in public. I don't even sing videoke with my family. Sorry, guys, but I will lose followers if I post the video. Haha!
At last, The FAMILY PICTURE. <3
Photo by Chuckie Dreyfus

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