How Foot Spa Benefits You (Kitchenails)

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Oftentimes, I am stressed and one of the things that I love to do to relax and unwind is go to the spa and have myself pampered. Whenever I would go to Kitchenails, I would pick one of their Entrees for my foot spa or hand spa service. Kitchenails (Trinoma Branch) is located at the third floor of Trinoma near the Mindanao carpark. (See related post: Be a Princess at Kitchenails).

Foot spa is not just relaxing, but it also has a lot of benefits to offer you:
1. Relieves Stress
Foot spa and massage stimulates the solar plexus reflex, which aids in allowing your body to manage stress and keep you grounded at the same time. Not only that having a foot spa can keep your feet clean, the massage also helps in improving blood circulation. Getting a foot spa can get you energized afterwards. 
2. Benefits Arthritis Problem
Foot spa gets rid of the tension in the muscles and joints. 
3. Cures headache, Indigestion and Acidity
Massaging the feet stimulates points that helps to cure headaches, migraine, acidity, joint pain and indigestion.
4. Helpful in cases of Insomnia
Foot massage is helpful in treating insomnia for some cases. It is also helpful in case of low levels of energy and reduced enthusiasm.
5. Helps in Achieving Balance
When you are stressed, every system in your body is in constant chaos, which can make you feel anxious and jittery. Foot spa generates homeostasis or a state of harmony and balance in your body, and this is esential in giving you better health. The rubbing and pressing of the feet and toes also promotes proper circulation of blood and energy.
When nerve endings and pathways are blocked, you may be prone to fatigue and lethargy since energy is held back from flowing smoothly throughout your body. Foot spa addresses this issue, and the principles of reflexology releases energy blockages that facilitate a sense of well-being without the use of unnatural techniques.
6. Detoxifies Your Body
Toxins accumulate in your body due to a wide range of factors including diet, stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Furthermore, toxic substances cause blockages that prevent the blood from circulating freely, which impacts its ability to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells necessary for growth. Wastes also rely on blood to be flushed away from your body.
Unfortunately, when your blood is unable to move smoothly, toxins remain in your body and trigger diseases. With the help of foot massage, stress is reduced as toxins and waste products are eliminated once blood circulation improves.

3rd Floor, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

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