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May 17, 2016 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Hi guys! I know that by now, you are aware that I am one of the KB Angels (models) and a lot of you have been asking me to share some KB Skin Whitening products. As requested, I will be giving away KB Skin Whitening Products to three lucky people: (1) facebook user; (2) instagram user; (3) blogger. The mechanics are as follows:

For Facebook Users:
  1. 1. Like Phantasm Darkstar and KB Skin Whitening Brand on Facebook

  2. 2. Share the blog giveaway post from Phantasm Darkstar's page (make the privacy settings public)
  3. 3. (Optional) Caption the post with why you want to win a free KB Skin Whitening Product.
For Instagram Users:
  1. 1. Follow @pdarkstar on Instagram
  2. 2. Follow @kb_whitening on Instagram
  3. 3. Post any of the following photos and tag @pdarkstar @kb_whitening (or better yet, post a selfie with a KB product) 
  4. 4. Caption the photo with why you want to win a free KB Skin Whitening Product.
  5. 5. Add the hashtag #KBGlowingKa #iloveKB #SkinWhitening to your post.

For Bloggers:
  1. 1. Post anything about KB Skin Whitening on your blog (be creative)!
  2. 2. Send me the link of your blog post through my contact page. Please include your FULL NAME and COMPLETE ADDRESS (I'll be shipping the products in case you win).
You may use any of the photos posted above or you may use your own photo. If you can't decide on what to write, you may use any of the shared information on KB Skin Whitening's Facebook Page (Just don't copy and paste. Be creative!).

You may join all three categories for more chances of winning! Winners will be announced on May 21, 2016. Good luck! :)

DISCLAIMER: Winning this blog giveaway contest entitles the host to request for your selfie with your received KB Product and grants KB Skin Whitening brand to share your post or photo in any of their social media accounts. 

UPDATE: Here are the winners for my blog giveaway

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