TenRen's Tea (Greenhills)

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One of Taiwan's known tea shops has finally arrived in Manila. Started in 1953, TenRen's Tea Shop has more than 76 stores in Taiwan and 18 shops in Hong Kong.
Located at the second floor of Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City, this is the first branch of TenRen's Tea in the Philippines. 

They sell various tea products inside the store, as well as tea makers, tea sets and snacks. There were so many things to choose from in the store. 

Green Tea Matchi (Motchi). Soft and bite size, I think I prefer this served cold.

Green Tea Wasabi Peanuts. I thought this was your usual green tea-flavored cracker nuts. I forgot that there was wasabi--one bite and it got me surprised for its spicy effect. Good thing that the spiciness of wasabi does not stay in your mouth. There's some thrill in eating this. Also recommended for wasabi lovers.

Pineapple Cake. Soft pineapple flavored cakes, they are like moon cakes in texture. 

We witnessed a demonstration of traditional Chinese tea preparation which had a lot of pouring from one pot to another. It was fun to watch, though. It was said that the design engraved on the pots were to bring good fortune. 

Tea Time!

Here are the ones we tried:
913 Oolong Tea. China's No. 1 ginseng tea, this tea is served cold and can be ordered with fresh milk. Tastes good and has a foamy texture. 

Honey Green Tea. The base is jasmine green tea. Tastes good, less foamy than the 913 Oolong. I like how it's sweet but the honey did not overpower the jasmine. Just right. Gives a soothing and relaxing feel. 

Black Tea Latte with Pearls. The pearls were soaked in honey to absorb which are also chewy. It uses fresh milk to make it foamy. Has a sweet, latte taste. 

Coffee Black Milk Tea. Half coffee, half black milk tea. One of my fave picks because I love coffee. 

Kiwi Green Tea. Freshly squeezed kiwi mixed with green tea.You can even see the kiwi seeds. Thirst quencher. Very refreshing.

Green Tea Mango Slush. Really good! Overflowing with mangoes. Not to mention that I love ripe mangoes so much. I think I found my spirit animal drink! (say what?)

Taro Green Tea Latte. They use fresh taro in this drink. Refreshing. 

TenRen's Tea serves their drinks in a single-sized 450 mL cup. 

For more information and reviews about TenRen's visit their Zomato profile: 
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