U Hotels Makati Reopen for Leisure Stay

May 02, 2022 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

After being a quarantine hotel for almost two years during the pandemic, U Hotels finally reopens for leisure stay. Recently, I visited them for a quick staycation while I was in Poblacion.
U Hotels is known as the First Art Hotel in Metro Manila, and it's also one of The Kain Tulog Gang's favorite hotels in Makati. Of course, as a foodie, the first thing I did was dine at their restaurant, El Mundo Cafe. 
Here are the dishes that I've had:

Their must-try dish is called Just Noodles. A Fookien-style house original. Fragrant shallots and noodles topped with minced pork and crusty egg. Indeed, this is a must-try as I really enjoyed it. It also has nuts which add texture to the dish. Delectable and flavorful.

Next is the Beef Pares (Solo). Filipino-style beef stewed in premium naturally-fermented soy sauce and anise seed. I love the quality of the meat; it's very tender. I also liked the sauce, it's not too thick, and it has the right sweetness.

Mom's Pork Chop. Juicy and crispy breaded pork chop from Mother's heritage recipe. Definitely juicy, crispy on the outside, and tender inside.

Buffalo Wings. Seasoned chicken wings, fried, then tossed in their house-made buffalo sauce served with garlic ranch dip. I'm glad that it was not too spicy as I thought, and I'm also happy they didn't use blue cheese for the dip. The wings are tasty inside and out.

The Pork Sisig has the perfect blend of a tangy, savory, and spicy medley of crunchy and velvety soft pork bits, onion, and chili pepper tossed in calamansi. I think this is a staple when Filipinos hang out for a drink. My friends enjoyed this with some rosé (not sure if the hotel sells alcohol).

I was surprised with their Loaded Nachos. Crisp corn nachos smothered with cheese and honey mustard dip. It's really good, and I'd give it extra points as they were really generous with the toppings.
I also tried their Iced Caramel Machiatto, which was very good, but I forgot to take a photo. Although, if you follow me on social media, it's there in my Tiktok and IG reels posts.
The Menu
Moving on with my stay at U Hotels, U Hotels offers different types of rooms for guests to pick from. Each of which is made up of modern minimalist interiors combined with industrial fixtures and a hand-painted mural that is unique to each wall. All rooms contain the basic traveler needs and 5-star hotel quality beds that assure you of a good night’s sleep.

They gave me the Deluxe Triple Room, which can accommodate three adults. Indeed, the beds are of high quality, as well as the pillows and duvet. Even the linen that they used for the pillowcases is of good quality.

The room has a desk at the corner, a safe, an electric kettle, water, coffee, and a landline. The room also had a refrigerator, slippers, luggage and clothes rack, and even an umbrella, but I also missed taking photos. The slippers were also adorable and comfy.

I appreciate the industrial touch in the room.

Basic toiletries are provided. The towels are also great.

There's a bidet available in the bathroom; the shower's heater works great. What I like about their shampoo is it smells like my serum which is the Mise en Scene Perfect Serum Rose Edition, which smells so elegant.
U Hotels Makati
5091 P. Burgos Street, Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila
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