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Early this year, I flew to Japan for a week for a modeling project. I still couldn't believe that I was able to work with a well-known photographer, Rarindra Prakarsa. He held his first workshop in Japan as he collaborated with Francis Ansing--one of the people whom I admire a lot for his photography skills; not to mention that he was also the first person who lent me a DSLR as I was trying to learn photography when I was in college. Sir Rarindra and Sir Francis are very humble in person and it was such an honor working with them.

The shoot was held in different places near Mt. Fuji. Spring came later than expected so when we arrived, it was still part-winter. We were not able to shoot with cherry blossoms (though, I was lucky enough to see them when we went back to Tokyo after the shoot) and due to the cold weather, I had to wear layers of clothing underneath my kimono. Living from the scorching hot city of Manila made me weak from the winter climate. >_<

Here are the photos by Rarindra Prakarsa (makeup by yours truly):
"My first Japan workshop, a collaboration with Francis Ansing Photography, was held 26th-29th March successfully. Weather was great in Fuji. But we are too excited to come too soon before sakura blooming. :) But lucky we have nice group of participants from 5 countries and wonderful models!
Here are some pictures. I understand that some might not really correct in terms of Japan tradition/culture . It's just for photography purpose. Thank you.
Pictures taken with 17-40mm and 85mm." - Rarindra Prakarsa
Want to enroll in their workshops? Check out their website: Rarindra Prakarsa | Francis Ansing

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