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Experience an Awesome Barkada Bonding with Greenwich's Pizza Making Camp

October 26, 2019 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Recently, The Kain Tulog Gang (The KTG) had our weekend bonding at Greenwich where we learned how to make their new All-In Overload Pizza in their Pizza Making Camp. 

Greenwich, the go-to pizza chain of every barkada, pulled out all the stops with their All-In Overload Pizza and we have just learned how to make it in their Pizza Making Camp. 
The Pizza Making Camp is a fun and immersive pizza making experience which showcases how their best-tasting pizzas are made step-by-step. I was so excited about this activity because I love pizza and what makes it even better is that I'm going to experience it with my KTG family. This activity is best for all events whether you are celebrating your birthday, having a team building, doing some barkada bonding, or just want to have fun. Sound System and freebies are also included.  
Our Pizza Making Camp started with Sir Alex showing us how a traditional pizza dough was made. Awesome Skills! I wish I know how to do that toss. 
We were each given a pizza dough (size double) and ingredients for the pizza.
All we had to do is to simply follow his lead. 
We started out by putting the pizza sauce, then the mozzarella cheese. On the side, you could see some of the ingredients for the All-In Overload. These are just some of them as the other ingredients were still being distributed.
I think I'm having a good start. What do you think?
Adding some more. I'm making sure that everything is distributed well.
More more more ingredients... that's a lot of meat. I'm pretty excited to try the new All-In Overload already.
Wow, another layer of cheese. That's definitely an overload of toppings. 
My pizza looks like it has a mountain of toppings. It will flatten out once it's cooked, though.
This pizza is made by yours truly. ;) 
While waiting for the pizzas that we made to be cooked, it's time for lunch first. A hearty Greenwich meal featuring the All-In Overload Pizza, which is loaded with ham, pepperoni, burger crumbles, bacon, Italian sausage, and Spanish sausage plus green bell peppers, pineapples, mushrooms, onions, and of course, cheese. All of these are topped on freshly-made dough making it yummy up to the very tip.
We also had some chocolate slush. It's yummy with real chocolate bits. 
The Greenwich lasagna--one of my favorite things to order here. 
Potato waves and chicken. I love how the potato waves are not too salty nor oily. It was good, as well as the chicken--crunchy skin with juicy meat. 
Heavenly meaty goodness! This is very sating. Even picking up a slice was heavy. It's worth the calories. 
We got a freebie after the activity...
...and a certificate that says Team Phantasm Darkstar is a certified All-In Overload Pizza Maker! Yay! By the way, I had Robin in my team. He was also busy making his own pizza and taking my photos so he's not in the picture.
The KTG family picture with the Greenwich team. Thank you so much for having us! We totally enjoyed the Pizza Making Camp and we super love the new All-In Overload Pizza. 
For more information about the Pizza Making Camp:
Satisfy your All-In Overload Pizza cravings by calling #55555 or order it online at
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