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Weekend with my foodie friends has brought us to Motto Motto in Serendra as we were invited by Chef Kalel Chan. Their extensive menu of Japanese dishes is sure to sate your cravings.

Motto Motto is located on the ground floor of Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Upon entering, you'll see bread and pastries made from Tokyo Bakery which they also sell here. 
The vibrant vibe of Motto Motto makes it an exciting spot to dine with family and friends. I like the sushi counter with Pikachu on top and the different types of sushi that's placed behind it--very informative. 
Motto Motto's menu is quite extensive, that I was overwhelmed--from the beverages to the brunch meals, set meals, sashimi, sushi, snacks, tempura, agemono, sizzling dishes, hotpot, teppan sets, soba, noodles, curry rice, fried and sizzling rice, and dessert. 
We tried to order their best sellers and recommended dishes. Here they are:
Strawberry Guava Yakult. A specialty Motto Motto beverage. The thought of strawberry and guava sounded weird to me, but the Yakult made me say yes. The server also said that this is a must-try. Upon trying it out, I was amazed by how well the flavors worked well together. It's very refreshing and good. 
Tiramisu Coffee Jelly. Tiramisu-flavored drink with coffee jelly. It's a drink and dessert in one. I love their whipped cream, too. 
Shake Yukhoe. Salmon in Spicy Sesame Oil. Served with Nori. Break the yolk and mix it with the salmon, then eat on top of the nori. The salmon was good and it was not too spicy for me--it was just right. The sesame oil with the salmon was odd for me, though. 
Salmon Tempura Aburi. Prawn tempura, salmon, salmon roe, asparagus, spicy mayonnaise, and unagi sauce. I'm not sure if I'm developing my tolerance with spicy dishes, but this was really good for me and I barely noticed that it was spicy. I love how they combined my favorites in Japanese cuisine--ebi tempura and salmon. Finish it with salmon roe on top--Oh my, it's perfect!
Dynamite. Bluefin tuna, salmon, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, and avocado. Here I was able to notice its spiciness. Still so good. I'm not a fan of avocado but I surely enjoyed this dish a lot. 
Age Gyoza. Deep fried pork dumpling. I was only able to take a photo since we gave it to Sabine already since she got hungry while we were shooting. She loves it, by the way.
Kuruma Ebi Tempura. A classic favorite. 
Niku Maki Hanjuku Tamago. Soft-boiled eggs wrapped in pork belly slices and baked with teriyaki sauce. A good appetizer. 
Kid's Shinkansen Set. A Motto Motto special set made especially for kids. Served with a free toy. Spaghetti, chicken karaage, burger patty, potato salad, rice, and dessert. Sabine also loved this one.
Buta Yakisoba. Sizzling fried thin noodles with pork belly. I like how this tasted but it went cold already because we took long in shooting the dishes. Eat it while it's hot!
Hamburger Steak with Cheese. I had a couple of hamburg while I was in Japan, so I kinda missed it. Good thing Motto Motto also serves this. 
Special Gyudon. Sliced medium-cooked beef sliced and egg yolk with dashi broth. A choice between wagyu or US beef. I love gyudon so much that I could live with it every day. I never imagined it to look any different or taste any different (See: Gyudon in my Dohtonbori post) until I've seen and had this. Motto Motto's Gyudon is now the BEST GYUDON I HAD IN MY LIFE!
Aburi Butadon. Aburi pork belly with sweet soy sauce. I love how the pork belly was glazed. Makes me get extra rice. This is also a great choice if you are looking for pork on their menu. 
Teppan Sets. All sets come with miso soup, rice, and iced tea. We tried three of them. Available during lunch. See below. 
Garlic Beef. Reminds me of the usual gyudon meat that I know (I still can't move on from their special gyudon). It's great, and I also love the sides. 
Garlic Butter Squid. Tender and tasty squid. 
Hot Pepper Pork. This is my top choice among the three that we tried. Really tasty and I love the garlic. 
It's time for dessert and we tried their Japanese Souffle Pancakes. Fluffy Japanese pancakes with fruit, cream, and a sweet dip. 
Strawberries and Cream. Strawberry compote, creme anglaise, topped with almonds. Foremost, the pancakes are amazing. I like its fluffiness. The strawberries and cream are a good combination, and I love the crunch added onto it because of the almonds. There's a good balance of textures and flavors. 
Bananas and Chocolate. Caramelized bananas and chocolate syrup. I like how it was not too sweet for me. It makes the bananas and chocolate quite addicting. 
Orange Creme Brulee. This one looked plain and simple, yet this turned out to be our favorite. There's a hint of orange in the cream which makes this dessert give a refreshing and relaxing feel. Makes me think of having a stress-free countryside snack while on vacation. 
Dining with friends: Bettina, Richie, and Eatsplorations
Sabine of Eatsplorations, enjoying the gyoza. 

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