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Recently, I discovered a new branch of Urbanessence in Marikina which offers affordable beauty treatment packages and a hassle-free booking thanks to

Urbanessence Marikina is located on the first floor of VALP building, J. Molina corner L. De Guzman, Barangay Concepcion Uno, Marikina City (opens at 1pm onwards). The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and they offer a variety of beauty treatments ranging from skin care to body contouring, glutathione therapy and slimming, whitening, laser hair removal, nail care, and massage therapy. I tried out their Luxury Facial which is a great deal because it includes facial cleansing and massage, pricking, vacuum, laser treatment, diamond peel, and beauty mask--this treatment makes your face glow and also tightens your skin (anti-aging). 
This is how I looked like after my luxury facial treatment (rare photo! posting without makeup. Haha). What I love most about this treatment is that my face didn't look swollen. Unlike when I get my facial from other spas, my face looks like it was "murdered" and it was red all over.  With Urbanessence's luxury facial, my face looks super fresh and just white--in spite of the pricking and diamond peel. I'm so amazed! And by the way, the white stuff on my hair were remnants from the face mask that they used on me. 
Here's a copy of their services. 

Photo with Ms. Rabanal, owner of Urbanessence Marikina Branch. Thank you so much for having me. I will surely come back here. 
Thanks to for this amazing experience. Get amazing discounts when you book your experience through their website, or via their mobile app which is available on the App Store or Google Play. With, you can book hotels, tour packages, tickets, wellness & spas, restaurants, transfer services & car rentals, cruises, classes, and games. 
P.S. You will get larger discounts and exclusive deals if you book via their mobile app than desktop. 

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