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Went on a date with my Instagram boyfriend at The Dessert Museum recently which features four new themed rooms. We also had our hassle-free reservation via
The Dessert Museum is located on the ground floor of S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.
The Dessert Museum is an interactive eat as you play and learn experience where the sights are just as delicious as the sweets. You will gobble your way through 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar-filled happiness. As you slide, jump, play, and swing through The Dessert Museum, you will also be treated to samples of desserts especially curated to fit the themed room. Amazing fun facts about each dessert will make this not only a sweet experience but also brimming with interesting information to complete your tour.
Let's begin.
First up is the donut room. You can either slide on your way here or use the stairs. You'll also receive a welcome treat once you enter. 
The next room made me blend well like a marshmallow. You'll also get another treat which comes in different dips. I had my marshmallow dipped in white chocolate. Yum!
Then there's this rainbow with a colorful background. Quoting, "Smile and be positive!"
Heading on to the next, are you naughty or nice?
Naughty. Hehe.
But we are also nice people so deserve a treat (even if my boyfriend is acting naughty here). Yay for cotton candy! 
White on red. Red velvet cookies. Which made me realize that you should really plan your outfit before coming here. Just to make sure your outfit would go well with all the themes. I'm glad I wore white on this day. 
Macarons and tea party! This is one of their new rooms. You can have a flat lay/top shot here for an additional fee. 
The Banana Beach is another addition to The Dessert Museum. This room is filled with yellow bananas.
My favorite treat would be found in this room. Ice cream. They have surprising flavors!
Giant gummy bears and another treat.
Inside the Gummy Bear room, there is also a large gumball machine which contains balloons that are flying around. Kinda got me confused on what to do here, though. I ended up playing than putting my Instagram game on. Haha!
It's fun here with all the flying balloons. Careful though, they might hit your face 80% of the time. Lol.
Witch in the Bewitched Bakery. Mehehe.
Photo with my bunny bear at this cute bear-shaped arch from the Gummy Bear Room to the Bewitched Bakery. Pardon my shoes. Felt lazy to zip them because we just took them off at the gumball machine.
The Piñata Room has vivid piñatas and a carousel. 
Did I mention that the rooms also have these infographics and trivia just like in other museums? We were just too busy taking Instagram photos. 
No, I don't know what I'm doing here again. Lmao. 
And no, babe. You can't ride them. 
I'm pretty sure he still loves me after I told him that he can't ride the carousel.
Another treat that caught me is their mango graham ice cream. Love it! 
Found this random hall in the museum where you can take a dramatic shot. 
Then ride giant lollipops! 
The final room with the lollipops has a huge cereal bowl where you can dive into. Find me! It's literally a bowl and I'm drowning. 
Couldn't get a good pose so we just decided to take a selfie.

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