Cocina Peruvia

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It's my first time to try out Cocina Peruvia at the new Podium Mall during a foodie meetup and I was really impressed by their Peruvian dishes. 

The interiors give that Latin American vibe which reminds me of friends and good times spent while eating and drinking (that's exactly what we did here). Cocina Peruvia is located on the fifth floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. Finding out that its menu was curated by Chef Him Uy de Baron, I got excited to try what they prepared for us.

Here are the dishes that we tried:
Nachos Peruanos. Nachos topped with chicken marinated in lomo sauce and aji panca, onions, tomato, and cucumber, drizzled with purple olive mayo. At first glance, I thought it was sisig because of its color. I must say that their nachos are really good and this is my favorite pick among all the dishes served. I couldn't get enough of the toppings, too.
Ceviche Mixto. Octopus, squid, shrimp, and mussels in aji rocoto and citrus juice. Chill seafood appetizer with some spice.
Mixto Anticuchos. Grilled beef heart, salmon belly, and chicken thigh in skewers served with chimichurri and aji anticucho sauce on the side. The beef heart reminds me of wagyu and the chicken thigh was also good. My favorite was the salmon belly, it's really tender and tastes good. I'm very picky when it comes to cooked salmon and this one did really well. The only downside with the salmon is that you have to be careful when eating it from the skewer because of its tenderness, it can break and fall off easily. Still really good for me. 
Salmon Patacones. Fried bananas topped with salmon and mayo mix, parmesan cheese and sofrito sauce. I didn't notice that it was banana. It's good.
Gambas con Saltado. Marinated shrimp and bell pepper, sauteed in aji panca and oregano. It's rich in flavor, well-seasoned, tastes good, and best with rice.
Lomo Saltado. Marinated beef tenderloin, sauteed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes, and lomo sauce. It reminds me of our beef steak. The meat is tender and tastes good. The fries are also good. 
Adobo Peruvia. Slow cooked pork belly in cream sauce, topped with salsa creole. This is my second favorite dish after the nachos. The pork belly was thinly sliced, with a good balance of meat and fat--it melts in your mouth. It's indulging and delicious.
Arroz Verde con Pollo. Rice stir-fried with cilantro puree and sauteed marinated chicken and mixed vegetables. It tastes great and is really sating. 
Galera de Chocolate. Baked chocolate tart with dark chocolate ganache, topped with blue chips and dried figs in rehydrated syrup. Made by Chef Miko Aspiras (the Chef behind Le Petit Souffle), you are sure to have an indulgent treat with Galera de Chocolate. The chips are salted which makes a good contrast with the sweetness of the chocolate. It's very soft yet compact and has a smooth texture. Another brilliant work of Chef Miko.

Move On: a concoction of fresh watermelon, white rhum, dark rhum, whisey, and tequila. This drink feels refreshing and light but definitely packs a punch; Dark Mojito: classic mojito with a twist - a mix of rhum, lime, soda, and sugar syrup; Daiquiri: simple and sexy, this drink is made of white rhum, lime, and sugar syrup; Whiskey Sour: subtly sour and sweet, the whiskey sour consists of whiskey, lime and sugar syrup; Mango Margarita: the classic margarita made fruity with fresh mangoes.

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