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Shi Lin

September 04, 2018 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Shi Lin has always been my go-to place whenever I'm at The Podium and craving for dim sum. Recently, I have been invited for a looloo rendezvoos at their branch in the new Podium mall. Even before, it was #AlwaysDelicious. 

Shi Lin is located on the third floor of The Podium mall in Mandaluyong City. Shi Lin is a known place in Taiwan which has a night market that serves different and delectable street food. The restaurant's name was inspired by that place which serves the same cuisine. 

Here are the dishes that we had:
Spicy Spare Ribs. It was good, I barely noticed the spice, though. 
Chinese Pepper Shrimp. I like the coating of the shrimp and I enjoyed it, though I only had one because I was dining with chopsticks and I didn't like the hassle. 
Xiao Long Bao Original. I love Shi Lin's original xlb. The serving is quite a lot for the price, too, which is a good deal.  
Hakaw. Shrimp dumplings. Another one of my all-time favorite type of dim sum. Shi Lin's hakaw did not disappoint. The shrimp was large enough for the hakaw.
Braised Beef Noodles. This was my favorite dish for the night. The soup was on the sweet side and rich in flavor, beef was tender, the noodles were cooked just right. I had a bunch of rounds for this dish. 
String Beans with Minced Pork. This dish was my third top choice and personally, I'm surprised that the vegetables made the cut. There's also a hint of sweetness on this dish. I guess that's why I liked it a lot.
Fried Rice with Shrimp, Pork, and Egg. Yang Chow is my favorite type of fried rice and this is my second top choice among what we had. I'm glad that there is a generous amount of shrimp in this dish.
Stir Fry Broccoli. Fresh and healthy.
Nutella Dumpling. Best eaten while it's hot. Once you break the wrapper, melted Nutella oozes out. It's a nice innovation, I must say.
Taiwan Milk Tea. Traditional tea with milk. You may ask for some sugar syrup if you want to sweeten it up a bit.

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