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Saturday lunch with foodie friends has let us try the newly-opened Tori Chizu in Eastwood Mall. Our friend, Richie (www.thepickiesteater.net) was shooting one of his iFlix episodes for The Pickiest Eater Bites (Plugging! Coming super soon. Please support and watch) here and we were lucky enough to get tagged along.

Located on Eastwood Citywalk 2, Tori Chizu offers a variety of Doria (rice gratin) and some Japanese snacks. The interiors of this place also look like you are in a baking oven, which seems very creative.
Here are Tori Chizu's Doria Japanese Baked Rice and other dishes:
Tori Chizu's Doria are all topped with mozzarella, with six dishes to choose from. 
Beef Yakiniku. Savory meat infused with bechamel sauce. Topped with melted butter. I find this as the most sating dish. Recommended for those who want a really heavy meal.
Spicy Tomato Shrimp. It's like eating a good shrimp pasta, but rice-based with some spice. Not too spicy, I would say. 
Chicken Chizu Curry. I'm not much of a fan of curry dishes but this is also good.
Kani Takoyaki. One of my favorite picks. I love how every ingredient complements each other on this dish. I like the kani (crab sticks) and the sauce a lot.
Chicken Teriyaki. I like how the chicken was served bite-sized. 
Sesame Fish. This is my other favorite pick. I'm surprised that I like this a lot even though I'm not into fish dishes. I like the creaminess of the sauce and the tenderness of the fish. It's quite indulging. 
Umami Style Fried Chicken. I like the skin a lot. 
Hambagu Sandwich. This has a generous amount of cabbage. It's a good afternoon snack. Or for someone who's on a diet for lunch. 
Mazemen No-Broth Ramen. It's my first time to try a no-broth ramen. Surprisingly, it's also good!
Milkchiz Soft Serve. Milk and cheese ice cream. This is the dessert that Tori Chizu offers. You can have it in either cone or cup.

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