Kasadyahan Cultural Competition at the 50th Dinagyang Festival (Iloilo)

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The Kasadyahan is one of the major events of the Dinagyang Festival. Done every last Saturday of January, it is a cultural dance competition which showcases the different festivals in Western Visayas. For this year's 50th Dinagyang Festival, Kasadyahan is upgraded to Fiesta Filipinas. 

Celebrating the blessings from the Creator and honoring the Señor Sto. Niño is the common theme among the tribes. The variation comes as the competing tribe showcases the local festival from the community they represent. 
Witnessing Kasadyahan first hand was mesmerizing. The grace in the choreography of the performers and their colorful costumes, as well as their props when they interpret their respective festivals made me appreciate our culture a lot more. It also made me feel more proud to be a Filipino. 
In Kasadyahan, the different tribes take the same route and perform in the same judging areas as the Ati Tribe Competition. 
Special Awards:
Best Musical Director - Tribu Tultugan (Maasin, Iloilo)
Best Choreographer - Hubon Mangunguma sa Manggahan (San Lorenzo, Guimaras)
Minor Awards:
Best in Street Dancing - Tribu Pantat (Zarraga, Iloilo)
Best in Music - Tribu Tultugan (Maasin, Iloilo)
Best in Costume - Tribu Kaing (Leon, Iloilo)
Best in Choreography - Hubon Mangunguma sa Manggahan (San Lorenzo, Guimaras)
Best in Performance - Hubon Mangunguma sa Manggahan (San Lorenzo, Guimaras)
Major Awards:
4th Runner-Up - P100,000 + Trophy - Hubon Binagtong sa Manggahan (Nueva Valencia, Guimaras)
3rd Runner-Up - P125,000 + Trophy - Tribu Kaing (Leon, Iloilo)
2nd Runner-Up - P125,000 + Trophy - Tribu Pantat (Zarraga, Iloilo)
1st Runner-Up - P175,000 + Trophy - Ang Manughabol Sang Salakayan (Miag-ao, Iloilo)
Champion - P200,000 + Trophy - Hubon Mangunguma sa Manggahan (San Lorenzo, Guimaras)

Disclaimer and full disclosure: (1) All photos in this blog post are taken by my good friend Al  Destacamento (Instagram: @al_destacamento)who is also Ilonggo, collaborated with me for the Dinagyang 2018 photos. Al Destacamento is a travel, NGO, commercial and fashion photographer. I'm thankful for his help because he had better lens and there were too many media men at the event, getting a good shot is a struggle. (2) My trip to Iloilo City for the Dinagyang Festival was sponsored by AirAsia and the Department of Tourism (Region VI). 

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