A Modern Goth's Wardrobe

February 12, 2018 Phantasm Darkstar 2 Comment(s)

Those who know me know that I've been into Gothic stuff for years already. Maintaining a Gothic wardrobe could be quite difficult because it is unusual to find in common shops (especially from where I live). I'm glad I discovered this online shop which offers tons of wonderful designs, Rosegal. 

I've found a lot of great styles at Rosegal but I'll be trimming down my top picks from different sections of their online shop.
This Cami See Through Lace Up Teddies is a perfect lingerie that would also go well as an inside top for those days you want to feel sexy, but not too sultry.

The Halter Criss Cross Cropped Bikini Set is a design I'd love to wear at the beach. I'm very much into halter tops lately so this definitely caught my attention.

This Vintage Plaid Pin Up Dress is something I know I could rock on casual days. It gives a mix of vibes--vintage and modern, with Gothic colors, that aren't too intimidating in front of other people.
The Halloween Moon Print Zip Up Fringe Hoodie is something I'd wear on regular days, and not just on Halloween. I love the moon print and details. Something Goths and Wiccans would truly understand. *wink*
For formal occasions, I would go for this Rhinestone One Shoulder Ombre Formal Maxi Engagement Dress. It looks elegant and I love the length and the ombre touch. 
You can find more of these at They are also on sale from February 9-23 for the Lunar New Year. 

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