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Applebees' Philippines has launched new dishes on their menu and Asians are sure to love it! 

It's not the first time that I blogged about this good restaurant. See their other dishes here in my previous post: Applebee's

Simultaneous to the launch of the new menu items for Applebee's Philippines, they are rolling out a new look menu straight from the USA containing their new brand promise: Serving Up Good Times. They came up with a whole lot of new dishes from the appetizers and pasta, to new sandwiches, seafood creations, and desserts, as well as the new local dishes (yay for rice meals!).

They really have a whole lot of things new on the menu, so these are just some of the new dishes that we were able to try:
Grilled Watermelon and Spicy Shrimp Salad. Farm fresh greens, diced cucumbers, feta cheese, and toasted almonds tossed in a creamy mint yogurt dressing topped with spicy grilled shrimp and grilled watermelon cubes. I like the mix of the grilled shrimp and the grilled watermelon. The greens are fresh and give a good crunch with the toasted almonds. Everything just goes well with each other. 
Buffalo Chicken Salad. Romaine lettuce and bleu cheese dressing topped with buffalo chicken tenders. I find the mix of buffalo chicken with salad quite creative. There's a spicy-savory contrast to the fresh taste of the salad. 
Fried Sweet and Spicy Pickles. Lightly breaded, crispy fried sweet and spicy pickled cucumber slices served with a jalapeño dip on the side. 
Calamari. Lightly breaded crispy squid rings served with lemon aioli on the side. 
Southern Beef Brisket Quesadilla. Shredded slow-cooked seasoned beef brisket tossed with a chipotle lime salsa and jalapeño dressing. Topped with assorted cheddar cheese in a warm flour tortilla wrap. The beef brisket is really good as well as the salsa and cheese. Delicious. 
Grilled Sausage Marinara Pasta. Grilled Schueblig sausage, assorted mushrooms, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, spaghetti noodles sauteed in a savory marinara sauce with select spices. 
Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Chicken Cavatappi. Seasoned chicken breast strips and Cavatappi pasta sauteed in a spinach artichoke cream sauce topped with grilled grape tomato halves and fried spinach leaves. 
Applebee's Pork Liempo Adobo. Succulent pork belly steaks drizzled in a tasty soy-vinegar sauce topped with crispy fried onions. Served with brown garlic almond fried rice on the side. Glad that they added liempo and rice on the menu. This one is good, but I like the Fiesta BBQ better.
Fiesta BBQ Pork Liempo. Succulent pork belly steaks drizzled with a sweet and savory Asian BBQ sauce topped with colored tortilla strips. Served with Mexi-rice and pico de gallo on the side. Also good. I like this better because of it's sweet side and pico de gallo.
Beetroot Curry Salmon. Ocean fresh Norwegian pink salmon in a beetroot curry sauce topped with colored tortilla strips and fried onions. Served with dried fish coriander rice and greek yogurt on the side. 
Teriyaki Balsamic Glazed Salmon. Ocean fresh Norwegian pink salmon basted with a teriyaki balsamic glaze. Served with Mexi-rice and green bean crispers on the side. Well-cooked and tender salmon. The glaze is also amazing. 
BBQ Beef Brisket Tacos. Juicy shredded beef brisket tossed in a honey BBQ and Mexi-ranch dressing with signature coleslaw and cilantro in a warm soft taco wrap. Served with seasoned fries on the side. I love the beef brisket and the honey BBQ as well as the onions. This one is good, though my favorite would still be Applebee's Wonton Tacos. (See previous blog: Applebee's)
Triple Meat All-In Burger. A meaty combination of USDA Beef burger patty, double smoked bacon, and shredded beef brisket in honey BBQ sauce with cheddar cheese on a toasted Brioche bun. Served with seasoned fries on the side. This one guilty pleasure. Just look at that juicy meat. 
Banoffee Cheesecake. Toffee cheesecake on a coffee graham cracker crust drizzled with Dulce de Leche and Hot Fudge sauces then topped with fried banana chips. This is the BEST banoffee cheesecake I've ever had. The best. Love it! Period. 

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