Marshmello at Valkyrie Nightclub Manila

November 02, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 4 Comment(s)

Marshmello at Valkyrie Nightclub Manila was lit. (Photo credits to the owner. Courtesy of Valkyrie Nightclub Page). 

 I'm a fan of Marshmello and he has been here in a Manila before, but it was my first time to see him live. So once my friends and I found out that he was going to be at Valkyrie, we immediately bought our early bird tickets. Rant: Yes, I have promoter friends, but we bought tickets. That's how you should support your friends. Not by being a freeloader.
There was an issue that went viral on the night of the event. Someone from the rave community posted that the real Marshmello might not be in Manila because he never posted anything and his schedule was in a different country a few hours before the event, and another country a few hours after. His Manila tour was also not on his official website. It raised the anxiety of many fans and made the organizers furious about the one who spread the news.
Marshmello showed up around past 01:30 am. I was already feeling sleepy at that time because I barely stay up late anymore. But as soon as he started with his intro, I was hyped. 
The visuals were amazing and it was lit af (sorry for my profanity. *ehem*)! I was singing and dancing to every track. Mello was so cute, jumping around while playing. It was worth the wait and I had so much fun. And yes, it was legit. He posted the event on his Instagram (Ig stories and all as well as him roaming around Manila in the morning). 
Mandatory groupie with rave buddies. 'Till next time! PLUR! ;)

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