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Had a fine dining Sunday lunch experience with foodie friends at Mirèio. Sharing about the course meal we had here. 

Located inside Raffles Hotel in Makati, Mirèio is a French-Mediterranean cuisine fusion restaurant which offers a good view of the Makati City Skyline. The ambiance of the place looks very classy and the staff are also very amiable. 
Mirèio's menu changes depending on the day and time. We went there on a Sunday and had their course meal of appetizer selections and main dish; which also includes the dessert and cheese buffet for Php 1,980. 
Along with the course meal are these complimentary bread, butter and olive oil which are really good.
They serve this lavender iced tea which I find peculiar at first, but I get to enjoy it after a while. The taste was new to me, compared to the other teas I had before, but I get to appreciate it after some getting used to. 
Appetizer Selection
Spring Vegetables Salad. Bell pepper, zucchini, mushroom confit, sardines dressing. Fresh and juicy.
Classic Niçoise Salad. French beans, hard-boiled egg, tuna, baby potatoes. I love the tuna and eggs. It's indulging. 
Cold Cut Platter. Chorizo, dry sausage, homemade terrines, mustard.
Vegetable Tart, Pesto. Seasonal vegetables, mustard, pesto. It tasted like vegetarian pizza for me. 
Trouchia Nissa Pilo. Omelet cake, potato, zucchini, black olive, garlic. I find this also good. 
Main Course
Choose one from the options.
Rolled Pork Loin. I felt quite disappointed when the main dishes arrived. The appetizers were all really good and enticing that it led me to have expectations for the main course. The pork loin wasn't rolled, and there was no thyme and garlic as what was stated on the menu.
Pan-Seared Salmon.
Grilled Sirloin Steak.
Roasted Chicken with Herbs. It just looks sad. Like it was heartbroken and alone. 
Sides: Sauteed potatoes, Provençal white beans, ratatouille, french fries. Sauces: Béarnaise, black pepper sauce, blue cheese, mushroom. 
After having the main course, we were given these healthy shots: carrot orange pineapple shot and the raspberry apple smoothie. 
Next up is my favorite part: the dessert and cheese buffet. 
Everything was indulging. The cheese was so good. For the desserts; aside from the ones displayed, they also offer crepes and ice cream.
Crepe Suzette.
Ice Cream. Flavors available: vanilla, passion mango, caramel, raspberry. My favorite pick is the caramel. 
Mirèio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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