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Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club

October 30, 2017 Phantasm Darkstar 1 Comment(s)

The Vikings group came up with a new concept of luxury spa and lifestyle club, Marina Bay, which has opened just a few months ago. Went here with blogger friends and sharing our experience on this blog post. Yes, they still have a buffet inside. *wink*
Fill your senses, renew your spirit and feel the healing power of nature invigorate your body.  You’ll feel tension fall away as you enter the Marina Bay Spa.  Take pleasure in the luxury and privacy of a fitness and wellness club in the city with the view of the Manila Bay. Located along the Seaside Blvd of the Mall of Asia Complex, the Marina Bay and Lifestyle Club brings the dramatic energy and power of the sea, with its rich compositions, and endless marine beauty.


Conference Room. Situated on the first floor, the boardroom setup can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests ideal for a small business group. The room includes an LCD projector and glassboard which is best suited for business presentations and meetings. 

Heated Floor (Ganban'yoku). A spacious area where you can lay to warm the body and give you full relaxation. It's the perfect start to your spa bathing journey. The warmth of the stones are just right (it's comfy warm and not hot) and laying on them feels very relaxing to the back muscles and legs. It also made me feel sleepy. 

Steam Room. Helps with overall detoxification of the body. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic congestion or sinus infection. The aroma of the steam room is also minty which makes my sinuses and airway feel very loose. 
Sauna. The traditional dry heat in a wood-lined cabin where tension and toxins fade and muscles unwind giving an over-all body detoxification. What I love about being in this sauna is that it opens up my pores and I could just squeeze out the whiteheads from my nose. Lol. My face looks fresh and rejuvenated afterward. Sorry for sounding so gross with the whiteheads, guys. Haha
Hot Bath Spa. More than a luxury, this warm water massage helps you fight against aches, stiffness, and fatigue that will make you feel renewed and detoxified. 
Cold Bath Spa. Optimizes your health, increases your energy naturally, brings recovery to tired muscles and gives off an awakening feeling.
I would suggest you, guys, to try the hot bath spa after trying out the heated stone, then submerge yourself in the cold bath spa for just a few seconds to balance out your body temperature. After this, take a hot shower then proceed to have a body massage for a fully relaxing experience. Also, if you went into the steam and sauna room, don't forget to drink water to rehydrate yourself. 

Locker and Shower Rooms. The lockers are keyless and are unlocked with the RFID that they will give you upon entering the spa (cool, right? Just don't lose your RFID). They also provide toiletries in the locker and shower rooms (towels, robes, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton buds, hair dryer, hair brush, powder, lotion, and even deodorant).   
Relaxing Lounge. A spacious and quiet area that looks like your personal mini theatre best for lounging or sleeping before or after getting a massage. Their electronic lazy boy couches also come with phone chargers (except for type-C phones).

Gaming Lounge. Situated on the 2nd floor, this airy and vibrant area consists of table games such as billiard tables, mahjong tables, and poker tables.

KTV Room. Next to the gaming lounge are the three private KTV rooms that can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 guests.

 Sunset Pool Bar. Serves fresh, organic and healthy snacks and drinks while enjoying the day at the pool or at the gaming lounge.

Sunset View Deck. It's a great venue for a private outdoor event such as weddings and company events. Members and their guests can also choose to have an outdoor massage.
Infinity Pool. Lounge and dip in their architectural infinity pool overlooking the panoramic Manila Bay. It's perfect for sunset watching with a sip of a refreshing fruit shake.
FREE ACCESS: Non-members can have free access to the wet area (hot/cold bath spa, steam, sauna, locker/shower rooms,  heated floor), relaxing lounge, and buffet when you avail any of their body massage or body works services. 
MEMBERSHIP ACCESS: Infinity pool, ktv and gaming lounge, gym & studio, conference rooms. 
Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club offers various services ranging from massages, body works, foot spa/massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and waxing services.
Body Works. They offer a variety of scrubs that will hydrate your skin, give you a detox, and even slimming scrubs.

 Massage. Their massage rooms/cabins give a complete privacy and luxury experience. They even have Himalayan salt lamps in the rooms which are believed to promote healing and improve your mood. I had the Marina Signature Massage and it was really good. 
Foot Spa/Massage, Manicure and Pedicure. 

Their Crystal Dining buffet usually comes as a complimentary if you avail any of the spa services. My favorite here is their congee. I had two rounds for that (I'm even on a no rice diet lol) while my friend had four. Really good! 

Fitness Gym. Fully equipped gymnasium overlooking the bay with Technogym machines including Cross Trainers, Treadmills, Bikes, Free Weights and a number of weight machines. 
Wellness Studio. The bay view wellness studio is a spacious, comfortable place where classes are held in a small and friendly group environment. A variety of classes focusing on well-being, and strength and conditioning are being offered such as TRX, Cardio Box, Boot Camp, Core Training, Stretching Class, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Zumba. Since classes are small and private, it is always a good idea to book in advance. 

Marina Bay Spa and Lifestyle Club membership provides you full access and discounts to their luxurious spa. Equipped with luxurious wellness, fitness, entertainment and dining facilities, and the assistance of our professional and friendly staff, aiming to give you a complete lifestyle sanctuary. Whatever your age or fitness level, Marina Bay Spa will assess your health and wellness needs and develop a program that will best suit you.
Mandatory groupie with blogger friends

Extra tip: If you want to spend quality time relaxing here with a friend, I suggest that he/she be of the same gender. The male and female spa area is separated and going on a date here with your boyfriend/girlfriend may not be as to how you would expect. I usually go here with my mom so we'd be together in all areas. ;)

For more details, visit their website:

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