Mad for Wagyu at HEAT

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We are dining again at HEAT and I was super excited because Saturdays mean that it's #MadForWagyu at HEAT.

It's Wagyu Madness at #EdsaShangriLa and I was invited again at HEAT, together with my foodie friends #TheKTG to try out their promo. (See related post: Mad for Lobster at HEAT).
Mad for Wagyu is available every Saturday dinner (6 pm - 10 pm) for 2615 Php nett per person. (See related post: Mad for Lobster at HEAT).
The usual buffet goodies are still there. From the starters, international cuisines, to their indulging desserts. But for this post, I will focus on their wagyu dishes. 
Different sauces are available during the Mad for Wagyu promo. Honestly, I got excited upon seeing these, but I was not able to try any. Their wagyu were all good as it is.
Now, let's see the wagyu dishes that they offer: 
Wagyu Cannelloni. Having a regular cannelloni is good already. Having its wagyu version makes it extra special.
Roast Wagyu. Cut in thin slices, yet superb flavor. 
Wagyu Wrap. The wrap is soft and it gives you that Chinese cuisine style. For a crispy version, you may try the wagyu spring rolls.
Wagyu Mini Burger. Mini burger, thick wagyu patty. 
Wagyu Shawarma. Served with pita bread.
Wagyu Spring Roll. Fine wagyu spring rolls.
Wagyu Bun. It is similar to that of the Asado siopao, only better. Because it's wagyu, baby! 
Wagyu Laksa. I'm not a fan of laksa but this is really good. It was not too spicy and the soup was creamy. 
Wagyu Fried Rice.
Wagyu Beef Cheek.
Wagyu Beef Goulash.
Wagyu Brisket.
Wagyu Black Pepper.
And my favorite part:
Prime Ribs. The chef recommended this for me to try since I first had the wagyu beef rump (see next photo). This was a better pick, indeed. Both are really good, though. 
Wagyu Beef Rump. Just look at that juicy sexy beef. It's as good as it looks!
Wagyu Tenderloin Wellington Wrapped in Puff Pastry. The puff pastry was really good, it was a "wow" for me. 
Wagyu is expensive but you can have it unlimited at HEAT on Saturdays. What makes it even better is that there are a bunch to choose from. I actually consumed the whole 6pm - 10pm here, indulging into their dishes. Will definitely go back for more! 
And of course, the mandatory family picture! #TheKTG

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