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I was recently invited to try out Vagabonds Artisan Comfort Food. It got me really excited to try their 1000 grams steak, but my experience with this restaurant was beyond my expectation. I was able to try almost everything on the menu! Awesome! 
Located at Scout Limbaga corner Scout Torillo Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Vagabonds Artisan serves all-time favorite and classic comfort food that took inspiration from different places all over the world. I love how their interiors are modern, chic, and how the whole place is well lit. It gives a lively ambiance plus a good spot to shoot food. Yay! 
I like how Vagabonds guarantees quality food with good portioning for a reasonable price, perfect for hanging out with friends and celebrating with the family. Their menu consists of unique and modern takes on classic comfort food that promises to take your palate on a journey around the world. 
I was lucky enough to try almost everything on their menu. Sharing the one that I was able to try:
Quatro Formaggi & Garlic Dip. This gourmet dip combines four kinds of cheese and garlic to create a fresh new flavor. For cheese lovers, this dip is indulging. 
Tagalog's Best Bagoong Wings. Bagoong marinated chicken wings with peanut butter aioli dip. I liked the light saltiness of this dish. It wasn't as strong as I expected it to be. Also love the salted egg. Rice, please. 
Belgian Wanderer Chocolate Wings. Sugar, spice, and everything yummy! These wings cooked with a blend of chocolate marinade and Spanish Paprika with pimiento aioli dip. It's my first time to encounter Belgian chocolate wings so I didn't know what to expect for this dish. Chicken and chocolate do not sound complementing to me. To my surprise, the chocolate was subtle and it was not as sweet as I expected it to be. I would recommend this for kids who are picky but not for adults. 
Southerner's Soup. Bacon, leek and potato soup. This homemade bacon, leeks, and potato soup will keep you warm regardless of the weather. I love the thickness of this soup as well as the taste. I find this as the perfect appetizer on their menu. 
Vagabonds Salmon Salad. Salmon, cream cheese, spring onions, red onions, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes in apple cider vinaigrette. Fresh greens and raw salmon, healthy and delectable. 
Yamite Salad. Asian chicken salad. A mix of greens and chicken mixed with sesame dressing topped with wonton chips for some crunch. I love how the wonton chips add crunch to this salad. The sesame dressing goes well with the chicken and greens, but my favorite pick is still the salmon salad. 
Marshall's Cheese Burger. Their house special cheeseburger will give each bite a mouthful of flavor. I would say that their patties are really thick. It's sating and I like that in spite of the thickness, it wasn't fatty. The fries are good as well.
Boracay Chori Burger. Chorizo burger. Bringing Boracay's chorizo burger to town but with a gourmet twist. The patty is less thick than the Marshall's but still thick. I like the onions on this. 
Philadelphia's Favorite Cheesesteak. I absolutely love the cheesesteak in this sandwich. No wonder they call it, "favorite."
Monticello Mac and Cheese. Bacon, macaroni, and cheese. It's raining bacon on this awesome mac and cheese. Now this is one generous serving with a reasonable price. 
Classic Carbonara. An all time favorite classic carbonara but creamier and topped with lots and lots of bacon bits. Creaminess and bacon for the win! 
Spain's Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta. Also good, their pasta is good for sharing for a single order. 
Mediterranean Pasta. Aglio Olio. Made only with garlic, oil, and lots of seafood, this traditional Italian pasta dish will take you on a delectable trip to the sea. With a squeeze of lemon or not, the flavors are distinctly good. 
I got confused with the names of their entree dishes as to what's on the menu. Nevertheless, it's sating: rice and meat for a single serving. 
1000 grams steak. 1000 grams of succulent and premium USDA hanging tenders, with three dips: gravy, chimichurri, and teriyaki. We had it medium rare. It's rich in flavor and tender, that having dips would be optional. This 1000 grams steak or simply, 1kg steak is only worth 1800 Php. It's a good deal to have this with family and friends. 
Southern American Steak. Hanging tender steak with bbq sauce, chimichurri, and pilaf-a plate of pure southern decadence. If having the 1000 grams steak is too much (e.g. you're alone), I would recommend this. 
Tokyo Beef. Steak served with sweet ginger sauce and kamameshi rice. Tender and flavorful steak, Japanese style. 
Strawberry. I like the sweet strawberry taste that isn't too sweet and I also like how artistic they are in serving their drinks. 
 Cookies and Cream. Another classic favorite. I love the whipped cream and cookies.
Matcha Oreo Shake. Sorry but I'm not a fan of matcha (I always mention this in other posts). It's for you to judge this one. 
Salted Caramel Pretzel Shake. Something different from those common flavors. Also good. 
Smores Overload Shake. Smores and milkshake in a drink. Wow!
Dark Chocolate Shake. Apparently, my favorite among the drinks. 
Vagabonds has a Frappe Hour wherein Frappes are available only for 100 Php at 2:00PM - 5:00PM daily.
Desserts were also served at that time but I had too much milkshake that my tummy can no longer accommodate it. Sorry, guys. Overall, my Vagabonds experience was awesome, though. *burp* 

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