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A few weeks ago, I was invited by my foodie friend, Richie ( to join the group on a road trip to the south. We visited Beefy's New York Grill during its soft opening in Nuvali. Sharing my Beefy's experience with other food bloggers in this post. 

Located at Solenad 3, Nuvali, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Beefy's New York Grill is a fast casual style restaurant which serves everything New York. 
Now sharing what we had:
Starters and Sides
Chimichurri Fries. Braised pork belly, chimichurri, sour cream, salsa. They use slim fries for this. The chimichurri fries had jalapeño with it but I'm surprised it didn't come out spicy. It was just right. The sauce is also good.
East Village Bacon Tempura. Tempura bacon, sriracha honey vinegar. Tastes good, this tempura was gone in less that two minutes! The sauce is also good; it had a sweet and sour taste. 
That Chili Con Nachos. Chili con carne, egg, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, sour cream, salsa, nacho chips. I love the nachos with the sour cream, along with their awesome salsa that gives some spice. 
Spam Chips. Deep fried breaded spam, this was also gone in a flash like the East Village Bacon Tempura. 
The Burgers
Handcrafted quarter-pound US Angus beef patties grilled to medium.
Beefy's Tribeca. Triple patty, triple Emmenthal cheese, bacon jam, onions and peppers, supah sauce, lettuce, onion tomato. This one is really heavy in the tummy. Patty is tender and savory. I also love the onions. 
The Empire. Fried egg, Emmenthal cheese, bacon, fried red onion strings, supah sauce, arugula. The egg, bacon, and cheese make this burger really savory. 
Notorious. Double patty, cheddar and Emmenthal cheese, onions and pepper, supah sauce. Yet another savory dish that we have tried. It's as good as the other two. 
Hogboy. Pulled pork, homestead BBQ sauce, chimichurri, charred cole slaw, grilled onion.
Tso Fried Chicken. Cornflake crusted boneless chicken, general Tso sauce, charred cole slaw, lettuce. Chicken and sauce taste good. Their madwiches are huge that's it's good for sharing. 
The Dawgs100% All Beef Frankfurter
The Franchise. Gotham mac, bacon crumble, charred cole slaw. Cheesy and sating. 
Spree. Bacon jam, grilled peppers and onions, supah sauce too, fried red onion strings. I love this one. Also can't get enough of their fried red onion strings. 
Mains All Day
The Tapa. Marinated and grilled US beef short plate, 2 eggs, garlic rice, tapa sauce. You can order gravy to go along with this one, but it's good even without sauce. The tapa that they serve is bacon tapa; tender and flavorful. 
Chicken Fried Steak. Corn flake crusted boneless chicken, rice or mash, charred cole slaw, gravy. 
Mrs. Tso. Chopped romaine, Tso chicken, sweet peppers and onions, sriracha dressing. Fresh greens and buttery chicken, I liked how they did their salad. The sriracha dressing was also surprisingly a good complement to the salad. 
Wings and Wings
Aladeen. Spiced cumin coriander, garlic cilantro cream. Tastes good as well as the dip. 
Garlic Sriracha Parmesan. Seeing the word sriracha, I also expected this to be spicy, but I'm surprised again that this was not as spicy as I expected. I liked the combination of the ingredients and its parmesan cheesiness. Tastes good.
Bananacotta. Banana custard, sliced bananas, lady fingers, chocolate ganache. I love its semi-sweet-but-not-too-sweet taste. 
Smores. Marshmallow, graham crumble, chocolate ganache. 
Wiffle Waffle. Belgian waffle, ice cream, cayenne caramel. I love how these Belgian waffles are actually crispy. 
Aaaaaand... that mandatory group selfie with food bloggers and Beefy's chef. :) We obviously enjoyed dining here. 

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