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Party Toques: The Food Platter Expert

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From the ones that brought you Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau, comes Party Toques! Owned by Chef Rob and Chef Mike, they offer gourmet dishes served in platters, which are best for gatherings. It's about time that these awesome chefs came up with this idea because I'm getting quite fed up with fast food already when we talk about delivery. 

Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau proudly launches its party trays division -- Party Toques: The Food Platter Expert. Headed by Chef Mike Toledo, Party Toques promises to give your celebrations unforgettable taste and make lasting memories with your loved ones. Food platters that are perfect for all types of occasions: baptism, baby showers, birthdays, family lunch/dinners, reunions, intimate gathering of friends, barkada get-togethers, holiday feasts and more.
I was invited to visit their commissary in Pasig and try out their dishes. 
Sharing about what we had:
Egg salad in grey bread. When we had this, the chefs have not yet named the dish. What's awesome is that they used squid ink with the dough to make the bread look grey. I love how they innovated with this appetizer. 
Persian Beef Kebab. (1100 Php for 4-6 Pax, 1600 Php for 8-10 Pax). Their kebab are so tender that it's a great contrast with their crispy pita bread. 
Miso Baked Salmon with Eggplant. (1595 Php for 8-10 Pax). I'm more of the raw salmon than baked salmon fan, but this dish caught my heart. Tastes good and tender, topped with bonito flakes. This dish is my favorite pick. 
Chicken Biryani. Tastes good as well, and a little spicy. Costs 1240 Php, good for 8-10 Pax. 
Valencia Roasted Chicken with Paella. I love their paella: how they perfectly cooked the squid, to the ingredients that they chose which complemented each other well. And by the way, it comes with a whole roasted chicken (sorry, I wasn't able to take a good picture). 
Thai Pork Glass Noodle. For 1180 Php which is good for 8-10 Pax, here's a good treat for those who love Thai food.
Party Toques Sushi Platter. I was amazed with their sushi platter. Aside from the usual Japanese maki, they also came up with tapsilog maki, which was also good. 
My favorite pick among their cupcakes is the red velvet. You can request their pastry chef a specific flavor. 

Serradura in Black Sesame & Mango Flavor. Also known as Sawdust Pudding w/ multiple layers of sweet cream, crushed cookies, nuts & fruits all rolled together in one unique mouthwatering dessert. I obviously love this for the ripe mangoes (my usual readers know how many times I mentioned how addicted I am to ripe mangoes... and whipped cream. LOL), but for me, it had too much black sesame underneath.  
Cookies & Cream. Another one of Party Toques' serradura desserts. Serradura means sawdust pudding, which means you wouldn't find any solid graham crackers underneath. This one is also good. 
Matcha Tiramisu. Matcha is one of the flavors people around me love, but I don't. The texture was smooth, sweetness is just right, not too sweet. I would say it's good but I'm not really into matcha; my co-foodies, however, loved this dessert so much. Matcha lovers, you should try this! :)
Aside from the ones mentioned above and those listed on their online menu, they also allow food requests if you are craving for a certain dish--as long as the chefs can make that dish, then they will grant it. Isn't it awesome? Cravings satisfied! 

Minimum of 3 days order prior delivery. 
Contact Number:  09178719191 or 632 6162323

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