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One Saturday night, my friend had an invite to try out The Burger Lab. I was lucky enough that he brought me along with him to try this place out as well, along with some of our friends. It was located at the fourth floor of Two E-Com Center, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex. The place was quite hidden but it was not hard to find since I already had the address and I used the Waze app with me on the way. 

It was around 8pm when I arrived and the place was already full with customers, which gave me a hint that this is a good place to dine. The place had a good ambiance especially if you opt to have a chill evening with your friends. The downside, it was not photo-friendly for foodies like me who loves to take photos of the food. I needed help from my friends' flashlights from their phone to be able to take a good photo.

Here are the ones that we tried at The Burger Lab:
Matcha Milkshake and Chocolate Milkshake. Creamy milkshakes with a good amount of whipped cream on top. It was a perfect match for the burgers that we had, the sweetness helped in balancing with our fat intake from the burgers.

Chicken Wings. Sweet and spicy chicken wings with aioli dip. Tastes good even without the dip. Chicken is tender and flavorful.
Build Your Own Burger. Step 1: Choose your bun. TBL Signature Bun. Step 2: Choose your patty. Cheese-Stuffed. Step 3: Choose your cheese. Cheese Melt (House Specialty). Step 4: Choose your toppings (3). Fresh white onions, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions. Step 5: Choose your sauce. Barbecue. Step 6: Want more? Choose more toppings. None. Step 7: Do you want it assembled? Yes. Name your burger: Pikachu. I like how they presented their dish, with the sauce placed in a plastic syringe. The burger was also enticing, along with the chips at the side. They were generous with the ingredients, especially with the mushroom. It was sating. 
Cardiac Burger. Double patty cooked in bacon fats. brioche buns, ketchup, potato chips, house cheese, onion rings, honey cured bacon. No wonder they called it Cardiac burger. It had a huge amount of calories and fat in it. But it was good! Not for the health conscious and people with cardiovascular diseases (this would totally spike up your blood pressure). 

Mandatory groupie. P.S. We ate with our hands (wearing gloves, of course) at The Burger Lab. They provide gloves to those who prefer eating burgers (and chicken) the traditional (and more comfortable) way.

For more details, visit their Zomato profile:
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