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Road to Ultra: Philippines (2016)

October 21, 2016 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Last September 17, 2016, Road to Ultra Philippines (RTUPH) was held at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena. I must say that for a raver, I felt ambivalent in attending due to the last-minute changes in the event (I already had tickets and almost planned to sell them instead), but it was a good thing that I still gave it a go. (Photo credits to Road to Ultra: Philippines FB Page)

The rave was supposed to be held at the Mall of Asia concert grounds; but due to security reasons, they had to change the venue just a few weeks prior the event and made it indoors. During raves, we usually buy GenAd (General Admission/GA) tickets simply because in the floor plan, the GAs are usually at the middle, and has the mosh pit.
When they transferred the venue, the ticket prices also had to increase as well as changes in the floor plan. It was a good thing that I already had tickets, and those who bought early bird tickets are no longer affected by the price increase. 
I started to feel ambivalent about going because GAs had to be "seated" at the lower box while VIPs are at the Patron standing. There were a lot of those whom I saw back out online but I tried to keep my cool, considering that it is still Ultra and it would still be enjoyable--not to mention the good lineup (though I'm still envious of the lineup of other countries lol).

The headliners were supposed to be Alesso, Hardwell, and Tiesto. I'm not surprised that Hardwell suddenly "couldn't make it" to Manila since he ditched us a couple of times already. He announced it just a few hours prior the event. His excuse: there was an upcoming typhoon (not buying it). It was a good thing that Ultra had a backup plan and immediately replaced Hardwell with Jauz. This actually excited me because I'm a fan of Jauz. Again, a lot of people overreacted online especially mainstream ravers who had no idea who Jauz was, but Jauz was actually the one who made me look forward to attending RTUPH on that day. I also commend him because he just finished a show in Hong Kong and went straight to Manila for RTUPH. As for Hardwell, SMH. 

(Photo credits to Road to Ultra: Philippines FB Page). The rave starts, and the sets were lit. I enjoyed the indoor rave by Road to Ultra PH. Although we were used to outdoor raves, I would say that there were a lot of cons that I thought of that night: 
1. Air conditioner. Less sweaty and smelly people.
2. Comfy seats. It felt a bit awkward to jump in the arena with limited space, but the comfy seats at the lower box were pretty helpful. Once you get tired dancing, you can simply sit down and still manage to watch the set with no one blocking your view because it's elevated.
3. Clean restrooms. As a female, this is one of my concerns. I never tried peeing in a portable toilet in my life. This is usually the case if you attend outdoor raves. Because of this, I limit my fluid intake and end up dehydrated so I wouldn't have to go to a portalet. With an indoor rave, I wouldn't have to worry about that.
4. Rain-proof. Being in a tropical country, the rain here is unpredictable. It's fun to get wet in a rave, but at least you are more sure that you have less chance of getting sick the following day because of the rain.
5. Free Ultra shirts. GA ticket holders get a free Ultra shirt. Yay! 

Squad groupie wearing our Ultra shirts. 

Blurred photo. Anyway, this night was lit. Till next year, Ultranauts! 

Here are some excerpts from RTUPH (Sorry if they weren't full videos. most were snaps. Was also busy living the moment):

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