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Shabu shabu has been a craze for Manila foodies and we have recently discovered a good resto-lounge in Antipolo. Along Soliven Avenue in Masinag, comes Fuze Resto-Lounge. For those who  also love to go on a food trip at Lilac Street in Marikina, Fuze is near to that place and you just can't miss this!

The owners established Fuze last July 3, 2012 and came up with such a name because they wanted to create a fusion of a restaurant and bar-lounge, as well as a fusion of different Asian dishes.

Located at the first floor of Fuze is the restaurant or shabu shabu area. With modern-design interiors, a touch of Chinese culture, and the colors white, black, and red, you are put in the mood for a good eat.

The red and black glass tables give a modern Chinese dining feel with the induction stove mounted at the center for the hot pot. However, they only serve chopsticks upon request.

I like the idea of having an induction cooker for the hot pot because it makes the dining experience more classy rather than most restaurants which offer stoves in flames or on grill. 

Let's head on with the dishes:

Beef with Broccoli. What I liked about their beef with broccoli is that the taste is not as strong as the usual Chinese cuisines and it tastes less salty. The beef is also cooked well.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. This is our favorite among all the served dishes. The taste of the sauce is of light sweet and sour with a touch of ripe mangoes. The fish fillet is served breaded and soft, with mango slices. It's my first time to try this dish (with mangoes) and I love it!

Sweet and Sour Pork. This dish tasted average for me, less sweet than the usual Chinese serving.

Buttered Chicken. This felt like I was eating chicharon in a way. It was good and I liked it but not as how as I have expected to be for a buttered chicken. 

Lemon Chicken. I never liked lemon chicken because the ones that I have tried have given me a weird aftertaste. This dish however, was good for me because the taste was just right and not too strong.

Singaporean Noodles. This dish is a house special of Fuze. Stir-fried rice noodles seasoned with curry powder, bean sprouts, pak choi, soy sauce, and sliced chili peppers with small slices of chicken, egg, pork, or shrimp.

Next up, the shabu shabu experience:

They serve a sauce with these ingredients for you to customize it.

The starter set consists of the following: Sea Urchin Bun (3pcs), Cheese Fish Bun (3pcs), Beef Balls (3pcs), Lobster Balls (3pcs), Crab Roe Bun (3pcs), Crab sticks (4pcs), Wonton (3pcs), Mushroom Balls (3pcs), Fish Tofu (3pcs), Dried Taro, Pechay Tagalog, Pechay Baguio, Sweet Corn, Sliced Beef, Sliced Pork and Egg Noodles.

Two different soup are also served: Chicken Broth and Satay Soup.

We've got a busy table with the shabu shabu and Chinese dishes.

Giving our top three favorite shabu shabu ingredients:

Crab Roe Bun. The filling tastes of Crab Roe and is as addicting as having Roe Maki. The outside, however, tasted more like having squid balls than crab meat.

Sea Urchin Bun. The last time I had sea urchin was in a Japanese restaurant at Rockwell and I had it served as  sashimi. The filling is almost as good as that.

Cheese Fish Bun. This is my favorite among all the shabu shabu ingredients. The mozzarella filling is something that you just can't get enough of. Having this bun also gives you a balance from all the seafood balls in the hot pot.

Groupie! ^_^ Special thanks to Aldous for inviting us to Fuze.

Coming up, the lounge:

Open from Friday and Saturday evenings (6pm-2am) [I was updated that it's no longer Wednesdays to Saturdays], the Fuze Lounge is located at the second floor of the restaurant.

The place is spacious with a bar and acoustic or live band area. They also cater private events and live feed viewing such as during Pacquiao fights. They have a separate menu for the lounge as well.

Group photo with co-bloggers, Aldous, and Jerht. Again, thanks Aldous for organizing this.

For more information about Fuze, check out their Zomato profile:

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Also plugging Aldous' food blog site: Aldous Ate The World.

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