Siam Thai BBQ is now a Thai SELECT Awardee

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Siam Thai BBQ isn't new to me anymore because my friends and co-workers often dine here and have some beer. I'm glad they are now awarded with the Thai SELECT. This Thai restaurant is unique because it is a sports bar specializing in mookata. (Check out my blog post: Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar)
I mentioned Thai SELECT in my previous posts, but if you're new here and wondering what Thai SELECT is, click here.
I was again invited to visit Siam Thai for the Thai SELECT series, along with other foodies. The menu has not changed much through the years, and most of the ones I featured in my previous blog post were still there. (Check out my blog post: Siam Thai BBQ & Sports Bar) In this post, I will be featuring dishes that I have not reviewed before.
Here are the dishes that we had:
We started with the Crispy Chicken Skin for our appetizer. I enjoyed how crispy this was, and it was surprisingly spicy.
The Prawn Pancake was good. It was moist, flavorful, and thick. The only downside was it was only three pieces per serving.
The Sweet Potato and Corn Fritters were a good option if you want a savory and sweet appetizer. These are sweet potato fries coated with cornbread batter.
Next was something Siam Thai is known for, Mookata. This is a Thai barbecue steamboat or a version of grill and hotpot combined. What's nice about this is when you grill, the oils of the meat and seafood drip into the soup, which then adds to the flavor.
The Fried Catfish with Mango Salad was a favorite pick for me. I like how crispy the catfish was and how the tangy and sweet mango compliments it.
The Deep Fried Battered Prawns were large prawns served with two types of sauce, which I appreciated.
The Bagoong Rice was flavorful and already good on its own. But you can always pair it with any of the dishes on the menu.
The Pad Thai is a staple that we always order.
The Pork BBQ was served fresh from the grill and had a nice char.
A must-try is their Beef Red Curry. Spicy and flavorful, and the meat was tender.
The Siam Fried Chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy inside.
For dessert, we had Thako, which is a coconut milk pudding in pandan leaves. There are several types of thako, but in Siam Thai, their version is made with sweet corn. This dish reminds me of the Filipino maja blanca.
A classic favorite is the Mango Sticky Rice. I like how they presented the sticky rice in different colors.
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Siam Thai BBQ
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