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Nikkei Rockwell's 7-Course Tasting Menu

January 31, 2023 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and Nikkei Rockwell recently released their 7-course degustation, which is perfect for a romantic date this love month.
Nikkei's Then and Now 7-Course Tasting Menu is available at their Rockwell branch for the month of February 2023. A 4-course degustation is also available. For more information, click here
I was invited to try their 7-Course Degustation with a friend, and here are the dishes that we had:
We began with Nikkei's complimentary sweet potato chips. It came with a dip that I enjoyed a lot.
For our drinks, we ordered the Strawberry Basil Lemonade and Mr. Ozaki. Both were very refreshing.
For the tasting menu, we started with a small plate of Nikkei Tiradito. These were slices of salmon with a special Nikkei sauce, with red chili and cilantro. I'd say it was a good start and very appetizing.
Our next course was the Aburi Salmon nigiri. It's made with seared salmon topped with tuna, onion leeks, and ponzu sauce. I like the portioning of their nigiri, as it was larger than I expected. I appreciate the generous amount of tuna on top of the salmon. The salmon was nicely-seared and juicy.
The third course was made of sushi rolls.
The Ceviche Roll was made of white fish, cucumber, onion leeks, and cilantro, topped with ceviche sauce and fresh chili. I was advised that this was spicy, but I think that the sauce controlled the spiciness, which made it tolerable even if you were not used to spicy food.
Panko. Salmon, kampyo, truffled cream cheese, cucumber, onion leeks, and salad sauce. I liked this a lot. There was some sweetness in this and the truffle cream cheese makes you want more.
The Ebi Furai was my favorite among sushi rolls. It was made of fried prawns, cucumber, white fish, ceviche sauce, and togarashi. I love the different textures, from the soft rice to the crunchiness of the fried prawns.
Moving on with the mains, we began with the Fideo Saltado. This was a Peruvian "chow-mien" with buta no kakuni, shrimp, snapper squid, vegetables, and egg yolk. I was blown away by this dish. It's rich in flavor and has a velvety texture because of the egg yolk. This was also a favorite pick for me.
Next up was the Tempura Moriawase. It's an assorted seafood and vegetable tempura served with tempura sauce, ginger, and radish oroshi. At this point, I was beginning to feel full, which meant that the 7-course meal was indeed sating.
The final entrée was the Seared Tuna with Sea Urchin Risotto. Tuna steak, uni enoki and shiitake mushroom risotto, togarashi, and katsuobushi. I liked the tuna steak, but the risotto was quite underwhelming for me. The uni was already incorporated in the risotto, and they also put some on the tuna.
The last part of the course was the dessert, Nikkei's signature Matcha Ice Cream. Detectable, rich, and creamy matcha ice cream that's perfect to cap off the Nikkei degustation Experience.
We also tried Nikkei's different cocktails. Did you know that they have a Buy 1 Get 1 promo on weekdays?
Check out below:
I had a great time at Nikkei and will surely come back.
Nikkei Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine

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