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Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Summer Specials 2023

February 03, 2023 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Summertime is here, and I was recently invited to Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew, together with other foodies, to try their Summer Specials and some of their best-sellers.
I'm a regular at their Kapitolyo branch as my workplace is nearby, and my friends also love Tittos. I felt ecstatic when I found out they released new specials for summer. So, without further ado, here are the dishes that we tried:
For my drink, I ordered the Cucumber Elderflower. It is made with elderflower infused with fresh cucumber juice and lemon. This drink is very refreshing, with a good amount of sweetness. I love it.
We started with their best sellers, and their most famous dish is the Nacho el Gigante. Crispy corn tortilla chips topped with beef barbacoa chunks, pico de gallo, jalape1ño slices, chimichurri salsa, melted cheeses, and Mexican crema. Nachos are usually a staple for dining groups, and I love how they are generous with their toppings.
Next is the Titto's Elote. Lava-grilled sweet corn brushed with smoked paprika butter, Latin spices, mayo, and lime. Topped with crumbled queso fresco and chicharron bits. Their elote is delicious, and I also love how they shredded the corn, so it's easier to eat.
The Crab Tortilla de Bomba is the bomb. Fried crab omelet with torched hollandaise sauce, coriander, lime, and Latin spices. I can have the whole plate to myself.
Carne Paella. Sofrito rice, bacon, lava-grilled chicken mojo, Spanish chorizo sausage, ground pork, smoked paprika, soft-boiled egg, and French beans. It's sating and best shared with a group.
Summer Specials
These are available for a limited time only.
For the Summer Specials, we started with the Smoked Salmon Toast. Grilled English muffin, topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese, guacamole, and torched poached egg. Served with smoked eggplant mousse, shitake bacon, and pickled vegetable relish. This is my favorite among the three specials. The shitake bacon is addicting, and the eggplant mousse is spot on. The combination of the salmon, cream cheese, egg, and guacamole is perfect.
Truffle Crab Toast. Grilled English muffin topped with truffle-infused crab meat, kani sticks, guacamole, and torched poached egg. Served with smoked eggplant mousse, and pickled vegetable relish. I also love this dish so much; it's pretty similar to the other toast. For me, the tie-breaker was the shitake bacon.
Smoked Salmon Tacos. Torched smoked salmon, flour tortillas, guacamole pico de gallo salsa, oyster mushroom tempura, pickled vegetable relish, and pumpkin seeds topped with honey citrus vinaigrette and potato crisps. I love the different textures in this dish, from the smooth guacamole to the crispy oyster mushroom tempura and potato crisps.
For dessert, we had the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes. Frozen graham-crushed vanilla meringue and cream custard. This is so good. I love brazo de mercedes, but this is another level. I'm re-ordering a tin of this when I'm at home and at the office.
Group photo with foodie friends, Chef Jerwyn Rabo and Mr. Justin Winslow of Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew. Thank you so much for having us.
Titto's Latin BBQ and Brew
Facebook: Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew
Instagram: @TittosMNL

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