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Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe Opens in Estancia at Capitol Commons

January 21, 2020 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory opens its second cafe in Estancia at Capitol Commons. I was invited recently to their media launch and was able to try most of the dishes that they offer on the menu. 

The first-ever Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe in the world is here in Manila, with its first branch located in Ayala Malls Manila Bay and the second in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City. 
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory already has various branches around the metro, serving their famous Cheesecakes, cookies, and soft-serve Hokkaido milk ice creams (flavors include: Hokkaido milk, Hokkaido cheese, and Hokkaido Mix). My favorite is their ice cream and I even included it to my Top 30 Favorite food and drinks for 2019.  
The moment I received an invite to their cafe, I got really excited because their preexisting products are already good, and the new dishes did not disappoint. Here are the dishes that I was able to try:
Tropical Peach Iced Tea. Refreshing and not too sweet. Goes well with the savory dishes that they offer. 
House Potato Chips. Served with Nori Aioli Dip. I find the house potato chips salty, yet the nori aioli dip was good. It's a good combination--the dip balances out the flavor. 
Sweet Corn Tempura. Served with Truffle Mayonnaise. The sweet corn tempura was already good by itself--it reminded me of my favorite sweet corn chips in the 90s. The truffle mayo was a good compliment to the tempura. 
Crispy Kani Salad. Made with shaved cabbage, kani fries, edamame, caramelized walnuts, and citrus dressing. I purposely showcased two different servings of the kani salad here. They looked different from each other so I'm not sure which would be a common serving on a regular day. I enjoyed the kani salad a lot; there's a mix of savory, sweet, and citrus flavors. It's appetizing.  
Forest Mushroom Soup. With garlic croutons and Nama cream. I noticed that they use Nama cream in most of their dishes, especially the dessert. It's really indulging. Mixed with the mushroom soup, it gives a thick and creamy, meaty mushroom taste. 
Ebiko Carbonara. Ebiko means shrimp roe which is mixed in this carbonara. This carbonara is also made with Nama cream and bacon, then topped with a soft-boiled egg. I enjoyed this dish a lot; it's like a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine. 
Baked Three Cheese and Tomato. Made with tomato cream, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and basil panko. If you love cheese, then this pasta dish is something for you to indulge in. It's also very sating. 
TMC Tamago Sliders. Brioche buns, tamago, asiago cheese, truffle mayonnaise, served with house chips. Do not underestimate this egg slider! At first glance, I thought it was just a simple dish. I was so wrong. This is an awesome and delectable dish. The tamago and asiago cheese are really indulging. The truffle mayonnaise has a spell which makes you crave for more. 
12-Hour Short Rib Sandwich. Sourdough loaf, tender pulled beef ribs, parsley aioli, pickled red cabbage, mixed greens, served with house chips. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe's best seller (based on their Ayala Malls Manila Bay branch). The beef ribs are just so tender, chewing is totally effortless. I also love how they chose sourdough for their bread--sourdough has a lot of health benefits and has a low glycemic index. 
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Jam. Sourdough loaf, asiago cheese, fresh basil, served with house chips. This is another dish that you shouldn't underestimate. The cheese is really good. 
Molten Mozzarella Hamburg. Brioche sliders, beef blend, Hamburg sauce, romaine, tomato, served with house chips. In terms of meat, I would recommend the 12-hour short rib, but if you don't feel like having it, then this slider would be your next option. This is also good and sating, though I was already blown away by the 12-hour short rib. 
Hayashi Beef Omurice. Tomato rice pilaf, beef, onions, tomatoes, egg. There's really something magical in Japanese rice meals. The delicious tomato rice pilaf underneath the egg is good as well as the Hayashi beef. I personally think that this can be for sharing because the serving is huge and the ingredients are well-sating. 
Chicken Cheese. Tomato rice pilaf, chicken, egg, cheese bechamel. This is their creamy and indulging version of their omurice. It's good, but I would suggest that this should be shared. Finishing this alone may give you that umay factor. 
Pork Mille-Feuille Furai. Mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato sauce, truffled mash. The images above are of the same dish but taken at different angles. The truffled mash was good as well as the furai--it's filled with meat and mozzarella cheese inside (like a ham and cheese roll, gourmet style)
Salmon Teriyaki Gratin. Truffled mash, cured salmon, mozzarella cheese, teriyaki sauce. The cured salmon was good, as well as the truffled mash (similar to the furai's). The teriyaki sauce, however, was too much and too sweet for me. I think I would prefer it served on the side, or simply drizzled over the mash.  
Plain Japanese Pancake. Fresh Nama cream, maple syrup. Fluffy yummy souffle pancakes. Better eat them asap before then flatten down. 
Creme Brulee Japanese Pancake. Sweet salty vanilla anglaise, torched sugar. I love the contrast of flavors here. 
Summer Berry Japanese Pancake. Mixed berry compote, Nama cream. This is my favorite pick among the pancakes. 
Summer Berry Waffle. Mixed berry compote, Nama Cream. If you don't want the pancakes, then a similar flavor is available for the waffle. 
Caramel Banana Waffle. Caramelized banana, Nama cream, caramel tuile. 
Milk Pie. Crispy and freshly-baked puff pastry filled with luscious Hokkaido milk-cream filling. This is my new favorite! I find this way more delicious than this famous custard eclair that's known in the Metro (if you know what I mean)

The Menu

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