Ilonggo Food Fest at Cucina Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

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Finally! After two years, I'm back in Cucina again. This time, it is for their celebration of the Ilonggo Food Fest which is from August 1 to 18, 2019. 

Kaon Ta! Enjoy some of Iloilo's gastronomic dishes coming from the freshest ingredients at Cucina for only P1,399 at Lunchtime from Monday to Friday, P1,450 at Lunchtime from Saturday to Sunday, and P1,650 at Dinner daily.

Nothing much has changed in Cucina. The different stations are still there--from the salad station to the Japanese station, cheese room, International dishes station, grill station, and a carving station. For this post, I'll be talking about their featured Ilonggo dishes, but if you want to know more about Cucina, read here.
The chefs of Cucina prepared 12 cycles of Ilonggo dishes for their menu. Here are the Ilonggo dishes that were featured when I visited:
Starting from the salad station is the Ginamos na Labanos na may Sibuyas at Dahon. 
Kinilaw na Lato. 
Nilagpang na Gurayan. I really like this one. It's like their version of ceviche.
Ensaladang Langka.
Cucina is also known for serving delicious paella. Their current feature is the Valenciana--Ilonggo-style. What makes it different from the typical Valenciana is that they used beef for the meat. They also used kasubha for coloring. 
Iloilo's Batchoy is a must-try when you visit there. I'm so glad they have a Batchoy station where you can customize your meal.
Takway at Latoy is their featured vegetable.
Sinugba or grilled food.
Las-Wang Utan na may Baboy at Hipon.
Baking Afritada sa Atsuete na Gisantis. I'm not a fan of afritada but I loved this one. They added pineapples which made it sweet. 
KBL (Kadyos Baboy Langka). My favorite pick among the dishes, aside from the batchoy. It's just so good and rich in flavor.
Kansing Baka. I expected to be really sour but Chef Rex explained that in Iloilo, they make it with only very mild sourness. They used batuan as their ingredient in making it sour, which is commonly used in Iloilo. I remember bringing home so much batuan whenever we visit my uncle's home there, because it's not common in Manila. 
Now for the desserts...
A famous pasalubong when you visit Iloilo is the Biscocho. What's nice about their version is that it wasn't as hard as I expected it to be. It also had a nice buttery taste.
Bayi-Bayi. A native delicacy. Aside from the Bayi-Bayi, they also served Biko, but I wasn't able to have a good shot of the biko so I didn't upload the photo.
Pinasugbo. Deep-fried banana coated with caramelized sugar.
Piyaya which comes in ube and plain flavors. 
Puto-Bingko. A hybrid of puto and bibingka. 
Their featured dishes are definitely authentic because Cucina's Ilonggo chefs prepared them, headed by their executive sous chef, Chef Rexsan Abarquez.

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