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June 10, 2019 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comment(s)

I have been doing some coffee tastings lately and my most recent discovery would be Joe Sip coffee.

I was able to have a hand of their freshly grounded French Roast Robusta and their drip coffee (flavors: hazelnut and premium espresso blend). Developed by an artist and coffee enthusiast named Joseph whom I met just a few weeks back, I'd say this guy really knows coffee. 

Being able to have tried specialty coffee, I would say that Joe Sip can compete with these existing brands. The taste of Joe Sip had a good texture and had the right "sweetness" in it. I barely noticed a hint of sourness nor bitterness with the taste. (Did you know that good coffee shouldn't have a sour or bitter taste in it?).

One factor that affects the quality of the taste of the coffee would be due to the preparation--precision during the preparation. I may have gotten it right with my coffee press, but the drip coffee was out of my control. With that being said, I used hot water in preparing my drip coffee and it also tasted amazing; which also means that the filter used in the drip coffee was just right. The water didn't pass too slow nor too fast.

Joe Sip is made from real coffee beans which give its premium quality. It does not have any preservatives, sugar, nor creamer and other additives found from other instant coffee. Joe Sip is pure coffee, making it a metabolic rate booster (helps you burn a few calories) and mood enhancer (helps you deal with stress better). 

I definitely enjoyed Joe Sip. It's easy to prepare (despite being made from real coffee beans) because of the drip coffee, which is really handy especially when you are on the go or during travel. Definitely, an "instant coffee" made healthier. Also, best paired with an original honey-glazed donut. *wink* ;) 

Joe Sip Coffee delivers freshly grounded coffee beans to your home and work stations.
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